Max Burchard

Wednesday Morning

 Wednesday morning,
 say goodbye,
 to you dog and your home.

No flowers,
say goodbye,
to your wive and your son.

Your daughter,
she's dead,
6 years ago,
she don't come back.

Your tears,
run slowly,
slower than the rain on your face.

And as you stand there in the rain,
you realize that it's a shame to say someone:
I love you!
Cause it's not true
In life

Her face,
her hair,
her lips and her beautiful smile

She brought the sun in your life,
but you signed her death with your lies.

All these words,
all these lies,
when truth is there,
it's a absurd surprise.

And as you stand in front of the grave of love,
your heart can't beat anymore.

And as you look on the street you see only plastik people.
They don't shame cause they don't see that love is the only way to be free.

                                        Love is the only way to be free
                                        Love is the only way to be free
                                        Love is the only way to be free

                                        But I lost my love deep in me


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Max Burchard.
Published on on 09/10/2006.


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