Harry Schlo▀macher

FromStupidity to AlienDiscovery:The 5 Astro Technique Levels!

                                    If you don't have powerful (space) telescopes, you'll stay stupid forever!

Sedentary Intelligences

                                                           Astro Technique Level 0 =

Civilization does not know binoculars/telescopes and therefore does not know what is happening outside of its planet/large moon. Wrong ideas like "The sun revolves around the earth" cannot be refuted in this way either.

You think you are the center of the world!

                                                                 Astro Technique Level 1 =

Civilization knows the first binoculars and notices that its sun does not revolve around the planet, but vice versa.

"Terra-Egocentricity" shows the first cracks...

                                                             Astro Technique Level 2 =

Civilization knows the first telescopes and learns that many other planets + moons orbit the sun.

But thinks only this one solar system exists!

                                                            Astro Technique Level 3 =

Civilization has better telescopes and now knows that there are very many solar systems that form a galaxy.

But mean again: That's the end of it now, there is only that one Milky Way!

                                                                Technical Civilization

                                                                Astro Technique Level 4 =

Civilization now has many (space) telescopes that are even more powerful than their predecessors.

She now knows that there are very many galaxies that form an unimaginably large universe!

Many are now asking: What is the point? Who or what is behind it??

                                                           High Tech Civilization

                                                            Astro Technique Level 5 =

Civilization has extraordinarily powerful (space) telescopes that are able to image numerous atmospheres of terrestrial and terrestrial planets in foreign solar systems.

These can now be analyzed. Until atmospheres emerge that suggest alien intelligences...


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