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HALF YEAR ASIA ADVENTURE...and the thing called love // PART--9


We were guests at an Indian wedding (several hundred people under a super tent made of cloth and bamboo trunks) and lavish high-society parties. Participated in a funeral - watched Hindi and Bengali films - daily large parades of communist strike groups - painted heads of "Mao" in different sizes including communist slogans on houses of the rich. Last but not least, we made a lot of friends and ate rice, rice and more rice. And then it was time to say goodbye: to my friend Peter - whose journey wasn't over yet - and to the flair of the cosmopolitan city of Calcutta, which I've grown to love.

A Boeing 707 took me home from Bombay. First stop in Dubai. We were in such violent turbulent weather over Rome that at first I was fed up with flying and almost went on by train. Somehow I got on another plane in Rome, with which I finally landed safely in Cologne after another stop in Frankfurt. The exotic adventure was over - unforgettable impressions remained...
 - end
 - stop, not quite yet! Because I contracted an illness in Asia, which later led to admission to the old hospital in Düren (Düren is between Cologne and Aachen - on the edge of the Eifel):

... So-called garden house.
beginning of night. The door only opened a crack. A very pretty face peeked out. Almost black dark eyes, almost black dark hair. Brown complexion, white coat. She said a few words; I only saw two eyes. "Who is she?" I asked my roommates naively. "You have three guesses! If you had just listened, you would know now." "I really haven't seen her yet. But it must be the night nurse." "Clever boy. It's an honor to be in his room." The two men laughed heartily. "Then I will see her again in the next few nights." "Certainly not, Your Honor." The laughter almost started again. "You like it, don't you!?" "Not at all, just part of the general hospital education," I cheated. In fact, it had already hit me like a bomb. "She only comes on Wednesdays. Bad luck, my dear. I'm sure you'll be home next time." "Indeed it probably is."

My brain became active. If I don't see you again next Wednesday, then I still have to start within the next few hours. But how? It was after 10 p.m. The station was quiet for the night. I should probably think less; act more... "Sister Beate (Gienow), I can't fall asleep." "Try again. If it doesn't work at all, then come back." And now? How am I supposed to start a conversation with her? If I gave up now, I'd probably never see you again.
"I'm not feeling too well, sis. Anything for me?" "And what are the complaints?" "You know, I dream a lot and badly. Terrible. Terrible nightmares. They've haunted me since I was a child. Believe me, sister, a really bad condition." Inside I laughed. "Well, then you should see a psychologist soon." After a pause and amused: "Or just dream about me. Maybe then it will get better?" If only she knew, I thought. "Certainly, Nurse Beate, definitely. But then I would also have to see a psychologist." "Yes why?" "Because of strong inner restlessness and..."

I listened. The station resembled a sawmill, so loud and numerous was the snoring. What would give more material to talk about and perhaps facilitate access to it? Oh yes, the trip to Asia that ended six months ago! A topic without end. On the one hand it's kind of impossible to hang around here for a long time while the station is asleep. On the other hand, it could hardly be more undisturbed. Only now and then someone showed up, asked for a pill and disappeared again. patrols. Now and then the nurse was called and rushed through the house. Interest foreign countries and peoples, I tried to implement my trip. "Yeah, but... I'm interested. And what are you getting at? "A friend and I went on a nearly 6-month trip to Asia with an old Beetle. It is also the reason for my stay here. I got a special liver damage there, which was only noticed now. Now I'm supposed to be thoroughly examined here."
"I know."

(to be continued)



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