Harry Schlo▀macher

HALF YEAR ASIA ADVENTURE...and the thing called love//PART-11

...I looked at the doorbell: "Gienow". The given name was already correct. However, we had arranged that I should wait for you on the opposite side of the street. I paced a bit, looking up at her window. Will Beate leave me? Crucial Minutes. Then the curtains went back and she waved. The otherwise cautious now had a fast phase. ...After a few hours I showed up at my roommates'. There were the usual innuendos and little taunts. It left me cold - after all, I had a super meeting behind me. Don't think about sex again! No, just the proximity of such a magnificent new discovery - the cozy get-together with her, already over coffee and cake and a new date tomorrow...

 Had my Fiat 124 Special at home, in the garage. What did I usually need here a car? So Nurse Beate offered to pick me up at the hospital in her Renault today - in the early afternoon after the temperature measurement. Some in the garden shed were amazed, but after a few days they got used to my new agenda. Night nurse Beate was also flexible as a kind of jumper. She was able to arrange several night shifts before I was fired. This resulted in many a chat hour there. Hospital had never been so interesting and pleasant for me. In the meantime we knew each other better - Beate picked me up at the ward. "Here's an empty doctor's room, she said..." I quickly opened the door, carefully pulled it in and shut the door. He looked into her sparkling dark eyes and both knew what was going to happen next. After several kisses, Beate pointed to the opposite main wing of the hospital. There, in the evenings, my brother climbs over the lower loggia railing to a first-class patient named Keggenhoff. She is teacher. --- (And I knew her from the Realschule-1, Düren, Wernersstrasse, where she was a trainee teacher).

 From then on we saw each other every day. Either in the hospital or outside. Beate picked me up regularly in the afternoon - until I was released. She had a sweet, sociable nature and was not the slightest bit arrogant, despite her beauty. I was pretty happy when I was out with her. Back home from the hospital, I had a minor car accident that didn't hurt anyone. It wasn't my fault and so I got - at that time still possible - a more powerful rental vehicle. I turned up at Beate's with 100 hp under the hood. We drove through mud and snow - it's good that the 'Fiat 125 S' was also winterized. I was able to return the favor for Beate's chauffeur services more and more often. In the exuberance of feelings for yours truly, she wanted to write me a dear letter or love letter. She announced it and I was keen on it. Why Beate didn't do it in the end remained her secret.

 With spring came my desire for more. We went for walks - also along the Rur -, had happy hours in her parents' big house (In Lendersdorf, with a wide meadow); still experienced a lot. Then spring awakened for both of them and this - listen and be amazed ;-) - in bed. On duty, the slender sister wore a ponytail - now her long, dark hair was flowing. Beate seemed more erotic. We fondled and cuddled each other. A wild perfume was in my nose and a beguiling woman under me... A lot happened and yet nothing. 'Little Johannes' was simply too relaxed, swinging back and forth. All 'rescue attempts' failed and slowly I also felt a bit out of place. Beate didn't see it that closely, comforted me about my slightly battered masculinity. A bad omen? One day it was over between us. Why actually? Now really that ;-)



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