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In our solar system, intelligences have demonstrably emerged with us humans. Loosely based on the good English saying: "You never change a winning team!" that means for me

                                             "Look only for an already successful solar system!"

The problem: With around 3,000 sightings of other planetary systems, not one is similar to ours! ! So ours is a huge exception and for me the other intelligences are too. No wonder SETI hasn't detected anything so far apart from the old WOW signal.

But since there are billions of solar systems, it's worth looking further into our system type. In any case, this is only possible now that we can also recognize “only earth-sized planets”. And that is a decisive factor: They must be earth-level and not earth-like like the much-vaunted (and misleading by name) "super-Earths". Sounds great at first, but you won't find any intelligences on rocky planets up to 10 times the size of Earth. There, the gravitational forces are so great that only animals with a flat, muscular physique can develop. That technical civilizations develop from this - at least for me an absurdity. Flat crocodiles don't have the slightest chance of doing so on Terra either.

So we can forget systems with hot Jupiters (Jupiters orbiting very close to their sun) and super-Earths in this regard. We don't know them in our solar system and that's a good thing. The fact that out of around 3,000 planetary systems not one even resembles ours shows how extremely atypical it is. But what are 3,000 of many billion systems in the Milky Way alone?? So it is worth looking for a solar system twin with ever better telescopes, computers and KI. (Just kidding: It doesn't necessarily have to be "one-egg-twins")


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Published on e-Stories.org on 07/30/2023.


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