Antonio Justel Rodriguez

The two horses


... tonight, lying on the bed, with your eyes closed and immersed in the gloom,
With a tense voice and a game, for a long time, from you to you, departing I was with death,
And this, without arrogance or hate, without anger or fear imposing their fury among us;
... however, and finally, looking at each other in a powerful way, hard and stare,
We agreed to beat us to the burning track of desire, to the world of dreams;
... on the other side, two superb steaks, black and white, expected restless and brios;
We go up to them, and consciously, which live exhalations, we go out to all gallop;
... I have finally stopped, and, sweaty, my white horse tasca the brake and return and return my head;
Actually, everything, everything around us is silence between silence and more silence,
Moreover, he does not arrive echoed nor light or frequency;
... I think we have won the race.
Antonio Justel

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 08/01/2023.


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