Joseph Trance

Two Doors Part 1

Two doors appear before me: Flesh.  Spirit.
 I open the Flesh door and there is a banquet table before me.  I walk in and stand before the table. The smells of fried chicken and beef ribs covered in thick barbecue sauce draw me in.  I walk  the length of the table.  Mashed potatoes with brown gravy, corn on the cob dripping with butter is before me.  A bowl full of Fettachini Alvarado and a basket of warm breadsticks  sits  before a full length salmon covered in a butter/lemon sauce in a large pan soaking up the juices.  A fruit salad full of diced apples, bananas, oranges, grapes over romaine lettuce is set off to the side.  At the end of the table there are thick ice cream shakes that have labeled flavors: chocolate/banana/peanut butter, strawberry/banana, peach/ vanilla/cream.  There are ten other mixed flavors besides.  Plates of walnut brownies, chocolate pecan cookies, 
a "make your own sundae" section and a variety of milk chocolate candies cover the end of the table.

​​There is a seat at the end of the table.  What looks to be a kings chair.
it has an invitation of glowing red letters.  

"Sit.  Enjoy your Flesh life reel."

I sit.  The door closes, lights dim.  A screen lowers.  The reel begins.

    Pics and vids of me finding gold jewelry like the kind I bought from thrift stores and yard sales begin to play. Memories of those finds play before me.  Gold bracelets, rings and necklaces are in my hands and my eyes glow as I turn them over and over as I inspect each one.
  3D VR trips of Casinos with flashing slot machines with blinking lights, loud  bell's that ring,  and applauding sounds that resound when I hit triple 7's  are shown in  a 3D billboard.  My best run was  when I was twenty three and walked away with $6,000.00 after an hour of play. And as the replay of that memory  begins I feel a rush of adrenaline pulse through me.  New Orleans music begins  pulsing out of hidden speakers above me.  My Body sways to the jazz sound as I look closer, the screen fades.   A  copulation of  the times when I played piano before cheering audiences fills the screen. Boogie piano, country harmonica, gentle guitar and jazz blue clarinet  music memories fill the screen as my Pride swells.  What a great musician I am. The music faded and  another reel begins.    Scenes with all the women in my life from high-school to adulthood that I have been physical with play. The heat in my body rises as I look and look, and remember....

  End part .

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 08/02/2023.


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