Antonio Justel Rodriguez

Divine dialogues

- ... Sybel are you in the fire ...?
- In the fire, in the fire I am, among the embers;
And you, Sixto Plácido, tell me where do you come from, what fire, what blood, tell me ...?
- I have not arrived yet, I have not arrived yet, my eyes and my mouth are burning yet.
- The breeze lips, kiss, and for the fields, alba, lilies detect you;
- Before the sun sets your chest and alameda,
Ah, Síbel Emara, Ah Síbel, I will be with you;
- The heart is agitated and cries, Sixtus placid, passion and air urgently and burn;
And it is so much, so much the joy ...
Antonio Justel

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 08/09/2023.


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