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                             ( mystery love story )




Cheers, hustle and bustle. Artist types meet people with normal
appointed. RALF, 25 years old, is a "seasonal writer".
also there.
At various party games and dances, RALF and SARAH, 22 years old,
quite attractive, get closer.

After this, a small but slightly prophetic "talk-
show" between the two.
"... and by profession I am a data processing clerk."
"Thanks, that's enough for my sanity! I call myself "Comfortable Season-
Writer". - Hhmmm, amazing, a harmony in word lengths
would be noted..."
SARAH giggles: "The basis for a good relationship
at all!"
"I told you so. So you can enter my texts into the computer
as well as my domestic correspondence?"
"Perhaps if you ask me hard..."
"And you have a permanent place when it comes to my writing ideas
once a hitch... or am I in the middle of an amusement period?"
SARAH smiling: "Just let yourself be surprised."

"But my heart also beats for you. - So, when can we marry-
SARAH only laughs: "No question, tomorrow we will
order bot!"
"Now this was our little joke. But, in complete confidence... absolutely
seriously (RALF stands directly in front of her): You are actually mine
"And you don't just mean... typist?"
RALF sips from his glass: "I'm curious to see how things are with us
will end..."

Wedding ceremony in the church and words of the minister: "Until that
death do you part..."



Even in the gray everyday life, the two harmonize splendidly.
She goes about her permanent job, he writes at home.
She occasionally types his texts into the computer. He leads the
most of the household.
He also regularly picks SARAH up from work. Enjoy often
her young life...

And then comes their destiny vacation: RALF & SARAH go to a
picturesque and romantic village. They spend the days and nights
mainly with dance, socializing, swimming and beach eroticism.

On the last day they again frolic up the beach like children,
towards the street. RALF gives SARAH a head start and then runs behind her
here, want to catch her. She turns around again in a quick run,
smiles at him happily. At that moment the terrible thing happens:
SARAH runs into the street in a frenzy, is immediately hit by a car
caught and thrown through the air. She's dead on the spot.

RALF is inconsolable. Later he runs mad behind him
hearse, finally breaks down crying, surrounded by
villagers. Shaken, he drives his the next day
automobile back to the apartment.

In the near future RALF will type out all his sorrows for pages,
his deep parting pain into the typewriter. only with difficulty
his friends manage to lead him away from there: to different
those little pleasures in life (like going to the disco, cinema, pub and
café visit).



Timidly, he also makes his first acquaintances with women again. This relationship
but all fail. RALF can't get away from Sarah. He sees
finally, that he was under the spell of this even after death
great love.

He is magically drawn back to the place where SARAH and he probably the
spent the best time of their lives; but he also lost SARAH.
Lost in thought he lies on the beach: the sound of waves; summer full moon
night; glittering, rushing sea. And a series of the most beautiful
Moments of their brief but fierce love, springs from his
Memory. With tears in his eyes, RALF drinks another strong one
Sip from the bottle. Lonely minutes...



Gradually in the distance music noises and sounds of merriment: on
brightly lit, not too big music steamer is approaching. RALF takes
his binoculars and watches the dancers on the upper deck. Suddenly
he means to see SARAH. "Incredible, unbelievable," he exclaims. He
quickly rubs his eyes and looks there again. "Actually,
that would have to be SARAH dancing there tightly embraced!"
He would probably be taken in by an illusion - and yet he hesitates
not long. RALF quickly gets into the car and drives down the coastal road
along until the little pleasure boat finally docks.

A part of the funny tour company gets out. Will the woman who
looks like SARAH, actually be there? His gaze wanders hastily
from woman face to woman face. There! In fact, it is she, she
it should be! Changed hairstyle, different clothes... but
Face, stature and size are right! "Damn it, it has to be her.
You or your spirit..." He quickly jumps out of the vehicle and stands
soon in the middle of the group, right in front of her. Suffocated in one fell swoop
the murmur.

(To be continued)



All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Harry Schlo▀macher.
Published on e-Stories.org on 08/20/2023.


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