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War escalation with sanctions crap - here are the real culpri

( "The world is unlucky: No more Trump and no Merkel... " )

NB!: The plot and most of the following characters are fictitious - any resemblance to living actors or actual events would be purely coincidental!

********************************************** >>>>>>>>> S A T I R E <<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>> Z Y N I S M U S <<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>> S A T I R E <<<<<<<<<

Ukraine war - I'm sure: With Trump and Merkel it would never have been so bad! They would never have gambled so high and allowed an extremely dangerous - even humanity-threatening - war escalation spiral. In addition, paired with enormously self-damaging sanctions crap - such amateurishness would also be a nogo for the two of them. So the world is unlucky: no more Trump and no Merkel - but a lot of fighting emancipations at the levers of power: war Uschi in the EU -- Nancy Pilose in the USA -- outside snobs Bockbaer and committee Annemarie- Strack-Flintenweib like defense Brechtlam (to name just a few) in the upcoming emerging country Germany.

As we will see below, they only exploit the Ukraine war as a means of removing Putin. They cleverly cover this up with defense support for Ukrainians - fight for freedom, self-determination, human rights, democracy, etc. Masculine henchmen like US-Baiden, France-Mocran, CDU-April or SPD-Schalz are very welcome. Here it gets more specific: Comedian Selensbi appears again in the European Parliament via video link. The parliamentarians stand up immediately and sing loudly in an almost endless loop: "Selensbi command, we follow you!! . . . Selensbi command, we follow you!! . . . Selensbi command, we follow you!!"...

So strengthened we hear Selensbi days later in the Ukraine: "And I ask you - do you want total war? If it has to be more total... and even more total... than the world has ever seen?!" The West's own populace and warmonger emancipations are overjoyed. The whole matriarchy power guild of the EU and US applauds frenetically. We experienced something similar many decades ago. And how did it end? In the greatest disaster of mankind! ! But the West's power matriarchy has learned nothing from it. They all agree: POWERman Putin has to go, no matter what the cost! Even escalation up to the 3rd World War, must not be a problem for real wartime emancipations. Macho Putin has long been a thorn in their side. They don't like strong POWER men. Strong POWER women, however, very well and everywhere. contradiction, strange.

We Minister-Amazons are sworn to the welfare of the German people. But we are no longer interested in this and the German voter, as Bockbaer recently made clear. We like to preach democracy to others, worldwide. But our new love is the frenzy of violence against Putin and his Russians. Warmongering is our turning point. Constantly new weapons - always more interesting action... that makes us damn horny and lets us even forget the many war dead Ukrainians and inside. Stop growing collateral damage in the endless fight against "scapegoat for everything" Putin. In addition, the Ukraine is very well suited as a testing ground for the latest weapons.

But that really has to stay between us now.  No Trump who understands Putin - no more level-headed Merkel and then the submissive horror traffic light to our loyal Amazon services - we will never get this constellation again! We are realizing more and more: creating peace is such a boring, complicated and stressful thing. So let's keep supplying arms to Ukraine that no one knows anymore How do we get out of this vicious spiral in one piece...


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Published on e-Stories.org on 08/28/2023.


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