Harry Schlo▀macher

devilish honeymoon in space

CONTENTS: A couple in love wins a fully automatic pleasure space flight, on which there should be surprises from time to time... ################################################################################

... At first, the couple Bob and Nancy only date on the pleasure spaceship "Dreamparadise". They feel comfortable with a lot of eroticism, sex, music, dancing, good food (like drinking) - watching films - like observing meteorites and androids, which they often come very close to... Suddenly the semi-automatic "Lucy" is in front of them. A pure sex robot with 6 reaction options:

1- Only execute instructions
2- Execute instructions after weak resistance
3- Perform instructions after medium resistance
4- Execute instructions after strong resistance
5- Do not carry out instructions, only fight verbally
6- Do not carry out instructions but fight them verbally + physically

Lucy was activated on a certain day and then broke from her hiding place. Bob becomes more and more concerned with the love robot and at some point Nancy has no choice but to destroy the feminine semi-automatic machine in a fit of rage... Nancy gradually calms down and the two lovers find their way back to the sweet life of the early days. One day, out of nowhere, Herby appears in front of Nancy, who was alone on the observation deck. Herby is the male counterpart of Lucy. An impeccable looking humanoid semi-automatic - also with 6 different reactions. He introduces himself and immediately starts courting Nancy. With the opposite sign, everything escalates here too and it ends with Herby being knocked out... Now that Bob is back to his old self, the pleasant life on board returns. The two confirm to each other their new aversion to robots.

Suddenly the entire spaceship becomes pitch black and there is no longer any great music - just a total power outage. A bad time begins for Bob and Nancy because all the life support systems have failed. It is brightest on the observation deck because at least some starlight shines in there. Whatever else they do - the two of them just can't get the pleasure spaceship "Dreamparadise" back on the road in the dark. They're already resigning themselves when Nancy flinches. She had touched something special, she just didn't know what yet. Her hand slid further and further and then it snapped back. "Bob, there's someone standing there!" "I do not think so." "Yes, Bob, I felt it." Bob crawled to her, felt back and forth and was just as frightened. "Damn it, who is that? But you can't put your hand in front of your face." Bob gathered his courage, glided along the entire contours and finally stood up. "What kind of person are you? Don't you want to tell us slowly what this is about?" Still darkness and absolute silence...

"What pathetic toads you are!" minutes later it sounds from the darkness. "If only the light is off, then everything is off for the biological ones." Malicious, almost devilish laughter followed. "Nice. And how should it go on now?" Nancy replied. ... "I'm Georg, a humanoid with programmed ego-consciousness. I also have thermal sensors and residual light amplifiers. So darkness isn't a problem for me." ... Georg then manages to repair the dream paradise again. The 3 got along well for a while. But Georg has a bad habit that ultimately becomes his downfall: he lets the two biological ones feel their imperfection at every turn. What's more, he even insults Bob and Nancy about it. ...One day Bob's collar explodes and the artificial intelligence Georg feels like the semi-automatic Herby...

High life again at the Dreamparadise. Bob + Nancy are popping the corks again. How can life be beautiful without robots! Then Nancy gets really homesick. And Bob is also wondering when he will finally go back. As I said, the spaceship flies completely automatically. And our two have no idea whatsoever about spaceship operation - why should they? You trusted the award giver and are only now realizing that this is not enough. The organizer said goodbye to them with the words: "You should make yourself as comfortable as possible on the Dreamparadise and simply let yourself be surprised... Bob + Nancy now realized - in retrospect - that this could only have been meant cynically. But that would also mean that there would probably be a lot of things coming their way. They were all supposed to be - at least ultimately - UNPLEASANT surprises... ..."And now? I finally want to know where the journey is going and when it ends!" Bob cursed. Since the two of them couldn't clarify this, Ramba Zamba suddenly ended.

Nancy became lethargic and depressed - eventually not wanting to do anything anymore. The music, which otherwise hardly ended, also fell silent. Resignation, only resignation... Almost, because Nancy suddenly wanted to know if there weren't any other surprises. "Where the hell are these things anyway? Where did the 3 robots come from?" "Good question, I'd be interested too," says Bob. Frantically they began to search the whole ship. "Maybe one of them should come? But, we'll get there first!" They searched and searched.... and as the saying goes: "Who seeks will find!" Here, here is a wall paneling just ajar." They slowly lift them up and drive back. "There's actually one there." remarked Bob. "Come on, let's open it up!" They were now face to face in front of the artificial intelligence... But he looks bad. A really sinister fellow. If he is what he looks like, God help us..." Nancy said. At that moment strong hands grabbed the two and lifted them up. "I am Todo. I am evil. I will kill you!" And with one swing he threw Bob and Nancy through the spaceship. "But first I'll do rat cleaning." Spoke it and stomped into the living area. Like a savage, he fired everything around that was somehow within reach. "And now, what do we do now!?" screamed Nancy desperately. "Don't worry - we have already liquidated 3 robots..." "But this one is vicious and a psychopathic tinsmith... and what powers he has," says Nancy. Todo meanwhile destroyed everything on the other decks as well. ...Suddenly it got pitch dark and the great Tekno music stopped. "Oh no, not again!" sobbed Nancy. "Why don't they have emergency lighting here for such cases?" "All bullshit. They must have set it up that way on purpose," Bob explained. But another cursed: "Shit, dammit, I can't see anything anymore. And I wasn't done cleaning the rat yet!" "Thank God he can't see in the dark like Georg. This crazy machine damaged the electronics in his madness and filmed himself with it." "And us, of course," says Nancy.

"I am Todo. I am evil and I will kill you!" it echoed loudly through the decks - followed by a hell of a laugh. Then it was dead quiet again. "What do we do now?" "We sneak out to the observation deck so we can at least see something, and we find hard parts there to smack and stab those stupid tin guys with. Nancy: "I don't like it... if we see him on the observation deck, then he can see us too. I'd rather hide here. Plock - plock - plock... the automaton scanned the ship for them. "Well, I don't have the nerve to wait here unarmed,"...and Bob was gone in the dark. Total silence again... Suddenly a tin roar, banging and shouting: "I'll break you, you primitive metal fuzzy! You'll be amazed!" Bob fought hard on the observation deck. "I'm Todo! I'm vicious! I'll kill you!" "You probably don't have more to offer than these sayings!" raged Bob and kept stabbing and slashing. But then Bob let out a yell and a loud crash was heard. And again it was incredibly silent at the Dreamparadise.

"Bob! Bob! What did that bitch do to you? Bob, Bob, get in touch!" The monastic calm on the ship was only interrupted by the stereotypical touchdown plock - plock - plock of the metal giant who was now looking for Nancy. Nancy could play hide and seek for a while, but it wouldn't be long before the machine would have found her too. She was also aware of this and so her whole body trembled. Todo was only a few meters away from Nancy and her heart was racing. It was almost time... Suddenly it sparked, hissed and flashed loud and bright. "I am Todo...I am...I am...I will...I will..." Todo's control electronics had been pierced and destroyed by an iron bar. But Bodo probably didn't have this strength. Then Todo was knocked over and slammed to the ground with a deafening sound. The malicious artificial intelligence jerked and twitched in its agony for a while and then there was this oppressive calm again...

What's that now, Nancy thought as it got light in front of her. "Sorry to interrupt - I'm Marcel, the robotic pilot of Dreamparadise." "And my rescuer," Nancy thanked him immediately. "A self-luminous robot... not bad either," she remarked. "Yes, I can toggle this on and off. Comes in handy on pitch black spaceships," he quipped. "As I said, I am the pilot robot - but also a friend of beautiful women." "Like Herby at the time, but he didn't like it," Nancy murmured. "Do you have 6 possible reactions, Marcel?" "No, I'm a fully automatic with a programmed self-awareness - as far as I know, these gradations only exist in semi-automatic." "Bob, where's Bob?" Bob groaned, but wasn't hurt as badly as it first seemed. ... At first he finds Marcel sympathetic, too, until he notices his pronounced Casanova streak.

One day when Marcel is lying in the box with Nancy, Bob hits him in a fit of rage - like Herby did in the past... and Nancy exclaims at that moment: "Oh god, oh god, this is it

END ! " *

* Because they are lost without the pilot robot Marcel, as there is no going back to their home planet then...


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Harry Schlo▀macher.
Published on e-Stories.org on 08/30/2023.


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