Rolph David

Trying Times

In trying times, move on with measured grace,
Take small steps, find solace in your steady pace.
Each task that looms, proceed with patience, see,
The future's veil, let it unfold, not hastily.

Create a haven, where comfort dwells in every nook,
Prepare a feast, savour the flavours that you cook.
Pen a letter, let your thoughts unfurl,
Embrace a tale within a book, let your mind swirl.

Venture outdoors, where nature's beauty thrives,
In diverse splendour, let your spirit come alive.
In fragrant waters, take a soothing, gentle dip,
Relax your soul, let burdens gently slip.

Do you perceive the path, laid out so clear?
Each step you take, as whispers in your ear.
Advance a pace, then pause to breathe and rest,
Appreciate your strength, be your own kind guest.

One step begets another, unnoticed in the flow,
The tally of your strides begins to steadily grow.
And in due time, the future shall seem bright,
With tears replaced by hope's enduring light.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 10/26/2023.


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