Jürgen Wagner

Today is the day

When butterflies vanish and bees disappear
Frogs croaking are no longer to hear
No larks in song, no swallows in flight
It's very late for lament, sorrow or plight

As seas turn to waste and fish meet their end
Humans squander resources, an unsustainable trend
Rising temperatures, the sea's ominous swell
It's very late for clever words and advice to tell

Technology advances, humanity declines
Tyrants rule, impending disasters' signs
When the struggle for water and sustenance begins
It's very late to awake and repent our sins

Today is the day and now is the time
To halt greed, end suffering's climb
This is the place to live in peace
Appreciate nature as the golden fleece

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Published on e-Stories.org on 11/23/2023.


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