Rolph David

Pro dolor - Homo homini lupus non est!

In the silent corridors of time, a truth untold,
A whisper in the wind, a story to unfold.
No anthem sung for antinatalism’s plea,
Yet it echoes loud, a call to set us free.

Unchecked, the human tide, a torrent unrestrained,
No hand to guide, no measure yet attained.
In the dance of life, we blindly twirl,
Unheeding, we add to the overpopulated swirl.

No saviour emerges, no hero in sight,
To curb the numbers, to dim the relentless light.
Natural forces whisper, yet their touch is light,
Against the vast sea of humanity's might.

Unbridled reproduction, a force unswayed,
By nature's whispers, in shadows it's laid.
Numbers rise, an unyielding tide,
As the Earth bears witness to a world too wide.

Fingers point, yet no action taken,
Silence prevails, promises forsaken.
The undeniable truth, we must confess,
Humanity multiplies in an endless regress.

In the face of this storm, one truth stands clear,
To stem the tide, to hold our fear.
Antinatalism whispers, a choice humane,
To spare the Earth, our fellow creatures' pain.

A decision stark, a choice profound,
To cease the cycle, to break the bound.
For in restraint, in choosing small,
Lies salvation for creatures, great and small.

Let the anthem of antinatalism rise,
A quiet plea against the heedless ties.
For in choosing not to bring forth,
We find compassion for all life's worth.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 12/04/2023.


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