Rolph David


Beneath the African sun, a story sets alight,
In the anthropologist's gaze, a curious light.
Children hungry, a tree with sweet delight,
Fruits hanging, tempting in the soft twilight.

A game proposed, a race's swift start,
Hands entwined, a collective heart.
Together they ran, in unity's chart,
No solo victor, a shared depart.

Seated as one, the fruits they partake,
Unity triumphs, selfishness at stake.
Curiosity sparked, a question awake,
Why run alone when together we make?

Their answer profound, wisdom sincere,
Ubuntu proclaimed, drawing near.
"I am because we are," a mantra clear,
In shared moments, joy will appear.

No singular joy, no selfish desire,
In Ubuntu's world, hearts conspire.
A lesson learned, profound and entire,
In togetherness, happiness shall transpire.

In this tale's course, a truth so grand,
Ubuntu's spirit, across the land.
For in shared joy, a bond to withstand,
"I am because we are," the anthem unplanned.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 12/05/2023.


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