Rolph David

120 Years Ago Today!

One small flight for Wilbur, one giant for mankind

Seventeen, December, nineteen-oh-three,
The Wright brothers soared, wind's command set free.
Kill Devil Hills, where dreams took flight,
Controlled powered lift-off, a pioneering sight.

Orville and Wilbur, on spruce wings they rode,
A motorized apparatus, aviation bestowed.
A second attempt, after errors they learned,
In the gusty winds, their destiny earned.

Wilbur took the lead, a good start in the air,
Mistakes with controls, a brief flight affair.
Three seconds, aborted, trial and error's game,
The Wrights forged ahead, persistent in their aim.

Days later, Orville manned the craft,
On this windy day, the brothers' flight draft.
Thirty-seven meters, through the air they sailed,
Twelve seconds, a triumph, history unveiled.

A future of aeroplanes, discoveries untold,
In the mind of Orville, a tale to unfold.
Not just a soft landing, but a moment profound,
A prayer in the air, with possibilities crowned.

The "Wright Flyer," just under four meters high,
A rail for take-off, no wheels in the sky.
Twelve seconds, uncertainty in that moment's play,
In the world's first flight, on that December day.

And now, a reflection, a century's gaze,
One hundred twenty years, since those daring days.
Wilbur's short flight, a giant leap in its might,
A great one for mankind, in history's light.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 12/17/2023.


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