Jürgen Wagner

The Coconut

Under the shade of the palm tree tall
A merchant sat, feeling tired and small
An ape above, with mischief in mind
Threw a coconut down, not so kind

The merchant fell down, dazed and sore
He rised again with a taste of war
He hurled the coconut, full of ire
Against the tall tree with righteous fire

He went away to the market in town
His temper was dark, his mood was down
No luck all the day, no joy to be found
His spirit was low, his profit unsound

A rainy day, a Sufi master came there
Sat under this tree, enjoyed the fresh air
Again, from the branches, a coconut flew
The mischievous ape had a victim anew

The master fell with a heavy thud
Lying dazed and all covered with mud
Rising slowly, he clutched his head
And carefully leaved this awkward bed

He took his knife and opened the shell
Then drank its milk, the savour so well
Crafting a bowl from the coconut's part
Turning misfortune into fine art

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Published on e-Stories.org on 12/19/2023.


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Book by Jürgen Wagner:


Spiegelungen des Daseins: HImmel und Erde: Hommage an das Leben von Jürgen Wagner

Die Gedichte aus den Jahren 2013-16 erzählen von der ‚Hochzeit‘ von Himmel und Erde. Ob in der kraftgebenden Schärfe des Rettichs oder in der Vitalität der Jahrtausende schon lebenden Eibe, ob in der Weisheit alter Geschichten oder im Wunder der Liebe, ob in spirituellen Erfahrungen oder in den Weiten des Alls: überall begegnen sich Licht und Dunkel, oben und unten. Unsere gewohnte Alltagswelt bekommt etwas von ihrem wahren Glanz wieder, wenn wir uns ein Stück dafür öffnen.

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