Jürgen Wagner

The Matter of Rebirth

Before times town dignitaries were invited
To dine in a Zen monastery so spiritual ignited
They dared not discussing a profane thing
A spiritual talk, that's what they tried to begin

The mayor, ambitious, then took the floor
'Oh Master, we yearn for your thoughts, nothing more
In matters of rebirth, so please do share
Your wisdom, your knowledge, your insight so rare! '

The Master looked up from his plate with a smile
'Have you tasted this radish, if only a while?
H e r e is your future, your present and past
N o w you can form, what you'll earn at last

Based on a Zen story

All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Jürgen Wagner.
Published on e-Stories.org on 12/22/2023.


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Initiation und Liebe in Zaubermärchen: Eine Brücke zu dem alten Wissen von Jürgen Wagner

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