Rolph David

Have A Merry Christmas! - A sad story.

In shadows deep, where winter's grip holds tight,
A tale unfolds, a sombre, silent night.
The girl with matches, destitute and cold,
A fateful plight, a story to be told.

On Christmas Eve, when joy should brightly gleam,
She wandered through a world devoid of dream.
No hearth to warm her, no welcoming light,
Just icy winds that cut through every plight.

In tattered rags, her innocence betrayed,
A fragile soul, by life's cruel hand, dismayed.
The matches flicker, feeble flames ignite,
A fleeting warmth, a momentary light.

In visions pure, she sought a kinder scene,
A world where love and hope could intervene.
But cold and hunger, ruthless foes entwined,
Her destiny, a fate of the unkind.

No carols echoed in her lonely ear,
No festive cheer to quell her silent tear.
Abandoned by a world that looked away,
She faced the night, where shadows held their sway.

The snowflakes whispered tales of bitter cold,
As Christmas stood beneath its shroud of gold.
In this season, where mirth was thought so bright,
Tales of suffering lingered, unheard in the night.

Beyond the glow of festive lights so bright,
Lay countless souls in the eternal night.
Forgotten ones, abandoned and forlorn,
In icy silence, left to grieve and mourn.

The bitter cold, both human and divine,
A symphony of sorrow, desolation's sign.
On Christmas Eve, the world may turn its gaze,
Yet many freeze, unnoticed in the haze.

Like the girl, they shiver, cruelly alone,
In winters harsh, where hearts have turned to stone.
No festive joy to warm their frigid breath,
Just lonely echoes of impending death.

So question Christmas, in its gilded guise,
When love should triumph, and compassion rise.
For still, in shadows where the cold wind roves,
Unseen, unheard, lie countless, frozen loves.

Based on:
The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen and compared to all the millions of sad and homeless people who freeze to death every year in this seemingly peaceful Christmas period due to the human coldness of their fellow human beings.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 12/23/2023.


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