Rolph David

The Story Of Ebenezer Scrooge!

In the quiet of Christmas Eve's despair,
A miser dwells in cold and darkened air.
Ebenezer Scrooge, with a heart of stone,
Counting coins, he faces the night alone.

His nephew Fred, with warmth denied,
Offers cheer; Scrooge's heart, defied!
"Humbug!" he scoffs, disdain his reply,
Wealth his measure, and joy he’d deny.

Bob Cratchit toils with meagre pay,
Yet cheerfully faces each dreary day.
A carol's note, a plea for the poor,
Scrooge dismisses, and slams the door.

In solitude, he dines on gruel,
A soul in chains, a heart so cruel.
Yet, as the clock chimes the midnight hour,
Marley's ghost descends with spectral power.

Chains of greed, Marley bears the weight,
A warning to Scrooge before it's too late.
Three spirits, emissaries of time,
To thaw the frost in Scrooge's paradigm.

The Ghost of Past, a spectral guide,
Unveils the scenes where memories bide.
Childhood joys and love gone astray,
In Ebenezer's heart, a glimmer may lay.

Present, a spirit robed in green,
Reveals the world where joy is seen.
Cratchit's home, with Tiny Tim,
A fragile flame, yet hope within.

Scrooge beholds the festive sights,
Through London's streets on Christmas nights.
Fred's mirthful house, a laughter sea,
Yet invisible, whereto Scrooge longs to be.

The Ghost of Yet to Come, in sombre shroud,
Leads Scrooge to futures veiled in cloud.
Death's shadow, a horrid, grim reflection,
A grave starkly marked by his own defection.

A plea to change the course of his fate,
Scrooge pleads before the grave's cold gate.
Awakening to a Christmas morn,
He vows to change, a soul reborn.

A turkey grand for Cratchit's kin,
Generosity from a heart within.
The streets alive with newfound glee,
Scrooge, a man transformed to gaiety.

At work, he greets with open heart,
Bob Cratchit sees a changed art.
Kindness flows, a wage increase,
And Tiny Tim, his health finds ease.

No more the chains of greed and strife,
Scrooge lives a transformed, joyous life.
In the spirit of Christmas, and every day,
He keeps the promise, his joy holds sway.

“God bless us all, each and everyone!”,
A tale of redemption, love undone.
In Scrooge's heart, a flame reborn,
A Christmas hymn, a hopeful morn.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 12/26/2023.


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