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There is within my human nature, a part of me that seeks stimulation.  It is of earthly animal needs that are open to experience through the senses and Things that make my heart pulse. 
These are in a nutshell a few examples  of the sensual me.

   Going to play slots with a wad of hundred dollar bills. That bundle of "rich" straining to be released from my pocket into
the land of 500 machines and 7777's grand slam CASINO wins.  The variety of optional wins is unending.  Penny slots to High Roller 100.00 bill machines.   Bet any amount from 5 cents to 500.00....or  more.  "COME ON YOU CAN DO IT!"  THE MORE YOU BET..THE BIGGER THE JACKPOT!!  Hear those bells, that applause..those are the sounds of winners..and you are one..a are a winner...winner.."
     Going to the open mike auditions with my keyboard,  clarinet and case of harmonicas. Getting ready to explode on stage and get the crowd moving to hard rock rythums and
heart wrenching blues.  The pulse of piano train rythums play
In my head.  Then the country chord harmonica chords and the sweet sounds of clarinet swing fill my ears.  I'm ready ro rock and roll and country swing.  And I know I can move this crowd as I have done in the past...
    Getting ready to present at the autism conference.   Setting out the instruction manuel's for today's training.  Going over my notes and all the things that I want to impress upon the newbies on Day 1.  The excitement of opening up their hearts and minds to the world of children with autism.  The research, the 27 data researched best practices and how far we have come since Leo Kanner defined the spectrum in the 1930's.
My 30 years of experience contained in data charts, stories much to much to impart..
   Going to see her.  We met at a high-school dance.  The live band played "Stairway to Heaven"  and "Unchained Melody"
We danced slow and held each other first.then closer..then closer still.  Our bodies melted into each other.  Her hair was soft and smelled of strawberries and soap.  I'm 15 and there is this yearning ...the anticipation of sex..I imagine our first kiss..her soft lips,  velvet tongue, sweaty, and the hard pulsing horizontal mambo we will eventually do. ...eventually......

   Standing and staring at the baby grand piano in the empty room..before everything begins.  In the empty quiet I feel the history of my musical journey.  The family gatherings with my parents and cousins and aunts..singing  as the piano and guitars carries the songs.  Dad on the clarinet  mom on the piano... I can feel the pulse in my hands..the throbing heartbeat in my fingers that brings alive the motor memory of flying over the 88 black and white keys in a fast paced boogie woogie.  A celebration of memories that have brought me here to this time and place that pulses LIFE into this empty room...
       Slowly moving towards the buffet bar..stopping..closing my eyes and inhaling the myarid of smells of roast beef, turkey breast and roasted and sweet potatoes, sweet corn and the five varieties of gravy.  The lush salad bar with green leaf spinich black olives, cherry red tomatoes , orange carrot strips and coleslaw.  The potato cheese,  New England Clam chowder and chicken noodle soups. The dessert bar with chocolate covered cherries,  punkin coconut custard and 
Banana cream pie.  The ice-cream machine with its vanilla. Chocolate and swirl options, and the varieties of fruit and candy toppings...on top of all of this.....

....Life...this beautiful sensory filled life...this Life that is not drab or boring or lackluster...this Life is filled to the rim with a heartbeat...a pulse...


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 12/27/2023.


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