Jürgen Wagner

Just a cup of water

In the stillness of a Zen retreat
A master spoke to his disciple, discreet:
"Go to the river, fetch me a cup
Of clear cold water, please fill it up"

The young one obeyed; at the riverside
There did unfold a marvellous sight
A woman of grace, in age akin
Their eyes met directly, a love did begin

In each other's gaze, passion took flight
A growing love, pure and bright
He left his past and followed her call
To the estate where her kin stood tall

They built a home in a tranquil place
Their love blossomed with each embrace
Through several years, children were born
Their laughter echoed across fields of corn

They toiled the land, their hands in the earth
Content together, it all was worth
But fate can be cruel, a flood did descend
Submerged their village, neighbor and friend

On the roof they sought refuge, a family in fear
As the storm was raging, their fate drew near
One by one, the children were torn away
Devoured by the waters in a cruel display

His love swept away, lost in the tide
Leaving him broken, nowhere to hide
The storm subsided, he sat all alone
Huddled and lonely on the roof of his home

A hand on his shoulder suddenly layed from behind
The master's touch, h e came to find
His pupil, who had been away for so long
"Wasn't it just water wherefore you've gone?"

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Published on e-Stories.org on 12/30/2023.


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Bäumen begegnen / Mein Freund, der Baum: Baumgedichte von Jürgen Wagner

Es wächst ein neues Bewusstsein heran, dass Bäume nicht nur Holzlieferanten sind, sondern Lebewesen mit einer Eigenart, einem sozialen Netz und einem inneren Wissen und Fähigkeiten, das wir noch gar nicht kennen. Zusammen mit Bildern und Informationen würdigen die Gedichte die Bäume in ihrer Art und ihrem Wesen und können durchaus eine Brücke der Freundschaft zu ihnen sein.

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