Amelie Inge

10 things I hate about you and more


I. I hate you for reaching out when age drew the line,

At seventeen, you messaged, I, fourteen, confined.


II. I hate you for the popularity you found,

Every girl in our school, in admiration bound.


III. I hate you for keeping the connection alive,

Though I was so young, and you, so much senior to thrive.


IV. I hate you for mocking the girls in my grade with disdain,

Exploiting them, like puppets in a bitter game.


V. I hate you for persistently reaching out,

Manipulating my innocence, without a doubt.


VI. I hate you for the comfort found in your embrace,

Yet, you sexualized it, a darkened space.


VII. I hate you for six years of constant thought,

In the silence of nights, your memory sought


VIII. I hate you for the absence of contact in years,

Driving by your old home, evoking old fears.


IX. I hate you for being with a woman so unlike me,

A bitter contrast, a twist of destiny.


X. I hate you for every tear that I've shed,

For the panic, the dreams, a tangled thread.


XI. I hate you for not knowing the pain I bear,

For being unaware of the burdens I wear.


XII. I hate you for invading my dreams at night,

In which we are together and where there is light.


XIII. I hate you for my heart that still beats for you,

Clinging to a love that time can't undo.


XIV. I hate you for being my first love, so true,

For the hope that one day, our story will continue


XV. I hate you for being a part of each thought,  

For not hating you, no matter what you wrought.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Amelie Inge.
Published on on 01/17/2024.


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