Rolph David


In the quiet room where time stands still,
Loneliness weaves its melancholy chill.
No laughter's echo, no friendly hold,
Just solitude's somber, a relentless fold.

Memories fade, like shadows in the night,
Lost in the darkness, out of sight.
No one to witness their final breath,
In the silent grasp of lonely death.

Did they yearn for company, a touch so dear?
Or did they find solace in silence's sheer?
Their stories untold, their secrets kept,
In the silent void where time has wept.

Yet, in the midst of this solemn despair,
May we remember, and show we care.
For every soul lost in the depths of night,
Let's shine a beacon of love, burning bright.

In memory of those who passed unseen,
May their souls find peace, in realms serene.
For kodokushi, though their journey is done,
In our hearts, their light shall forever run.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 02/02/2024.


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