Rolph David

Shadows Of Salem

Remember the times, for they are the evil harbingers of tomorrow!

In Salem's streets, where shadows creep,
Where fear and fervour keenly meet,
The hunt for witches did commence,
A spiral into madness, dense.

In sixteen-ninety-two's cruel grip,
Began the hunt, the witch's trip.
Elizabeth Parris, young and frail,
Became the harbinger of the tale.

With symptoms strange, the town did quake,
And accusations, they did make.
From Tituba's name to Dorothy Good,
In Salem's woods, the hunt withstood.

The children's cries, the accusations flew,
No innocence, no refuge true.
For even babes were accused, you see,
In Salem's twisted, dark decree.

The court convened, the justices stern,
With spectral evidence to discern.
Men and women, all did fall,
In Salem's gripping, ghastly thrall.

From hanging nooses to stone's cruel weight,
The accused met their dreadful fate.
Thirty souls, they met their end,
In Salem's grip, no mercy lend.

The Mathers, they did fan the flame,
With sermons filled with dread and blame.
Their hands, with ink, inscribed the tale,
Of Salem's witches, bound to fail.

Yet in the end, the truth did rise,
As specters vanished from their guise.
The trials ceased, the hunt did end,
But scars remained, could not amend.

For Salem's stain, it lingered still,
A testament to human will.
Religious fervor, fear, and greed,
In Salem's tale, they did all feed.

But let us not forget the cost,
Of lives and dreams forever lost.
In Salem's dark and haunted past,
May we remember, lest it last.

For history's lessons, harsh and grim,
Remind us of the depths within.
In Salem's trials, may we find,
The strength to leave such hate behind.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 02/07/2024.


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