Andy Berchi

Pieces of Ghosts

Pieces were left on the floor
Of visions of ghosts of the future
Some who would tear you apart
And some who outgrew you

I can't be here all on my own
The whispers, the whispers they warn me
To not walk down the stairwell alone
Cause the dead just won't keep to their own

Dreams of broken glass in my eyes
Distorting the vision
And these screams are my own, they don't own me
But I still break at the seams

They're your dead, they're your dead 
And you don't claim them
So they have nowhere else to scream
But my head in the light of a daydream

When I bleed, I do it for no one
And no one can say I've not been my own
So you dream, and you dream all alone you
Days psyched out on benzos and lullabyes sang by no one

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andy Berchi.
Published on on 03/04/2024.


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