Andy Berchi

Whispers On Water

Fingerprints gathering dust on your hallway mirror
Lights searching one another
Yet only in pictures they will meet
Whispers on the surface of still water

Faded page corners of books laying on benches in the sun
Footsteps on stone, the breeze smells of elderflowers
Rustles from the trees, but this moment cannot be seized
Witnessed by no one, this is only the memory of a town

In the stillness of this warmth
So lightly held, as a half-drawn breath inside my lung
This beauty is so gentle to me
And this sweet melancholy feels like a child following butterflies in fields 
Let it shine all through this town, to remain a mystery.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andy Berchi.
Published on on 03/05/2024.


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