Meike Schrut

Man's friendship

It was amusing for me
to get to know
if men behave like brothers
Friends, mates better also.
To the fun like gay hand also go to hand
as if it made no difference to them what others think.
If wrong friendship among men puts to this fop an end fast if used one,
the other only cheats,
since if one did not like to have as a man such a friend.
Ha, nevertheless, I do not know whether other pictures only are put,
the men brotherly standing together point.
One looks a little smaller, almost elegant also even - how in old time
the other still mourns very quietly for his woman.
If one hold finds in that who is not more insignificantly than one himself at all
if it may go very well with this kind of togetherness.
Yes, you think, I write again a lot of the words around one only?
Place to you the question: if you feel then differently: whether woman you or man?!
I wished him if he needs that hold which he gave to the other man:
"It would be great if he can also repay same with same to you."
One can interpret looks with difficulty and it must also not be here thus at all.
All the same who makes no difference it and would be as well as his name:
one may not mourn completely alone
if days recur which are suitable to the grief so.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 01/06/2010.


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