Thomas Kreuter

Asian repartee

A long time ago, a European was traveling to the distant Asia, learn about its inhabitants and cultur. So he came to China and delightet in the country and people. One day, he visited with his Asian travel guide in a cementary nears a small village. Surprised, he notes that all sorts of food and drinks were on the graves. Sarcastically that the rhetorical banner of victory already firmly holding in his hands, he said to his guide: When in fact the dead are resurrected from their graves to eat the foods that are there on the graves? Then its Asian travel guide replied, smiling and very jovial: You will eat that day, when against your dead from their graves rise up, to smell the flowers, which she puts them on the graves.

Thomas Kreuter


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Thomas Kreuter.
Published on on 04/05/2010.


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