Carolina Geck


Ghost of white are ghosts that walk
Listen, listen to them talk.
Beautiful queen and orphan children
They live here, now come and find them.
Touch the ghost, and he touches you.
You canít walk and you canít run,
Play with me, letís have some fun!
Put your hand on the pictures.
Are ghosts coming or the witches?
Witches black and ghost of white,
See the flicker, watch the light!
See the children, watch their eyes,
Listen to them, hear their sighs.
Come to them, give them your hand
They like playing in the sand.
Dear Rebecca, my dear friend!
All my jokes must have an end.
I wonít bother, I wonít bug you,
But pleeeeease Ė can I hug you?
All good fun comes to an end,
But you can always be my friend.
She loves the story, my Queen Anne
Now one last time give me your hand.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Carolina Geck.
Published on on 02/01/2011.


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