Klaus-Peter Behrens

Not a really quit silent night



Not a really quiet silent night

written by

Klaus-Peter Behrens




Dear readers,

the following story is translated by me from German into English and I hope that I have not made too many mistakes. If you like the story please let it me know. You can reach me under the address:  Klaus-Peter.Behrens@gmx.de

And now have fun


Klaus Peter Behrens




“I should retire.”

Santa Claus trudged tired through the deep snow. His breath formed little clouds in the cold, crystal clear air, which seemed to come at ever shorter intervals straight from the depths of his snow-white beard. Basically Santa Claus liked to visit the children on Christmas Eve, but this walk through the dark forest up the hill was not a pleasure.

Maybe I should have brought Ruphus, thought Santa Claus, while he stopped for a moment to regain his breath. Almost a little jealous, he thought of the Christmas helper, who probably was just comfortable in a reindeer sleigh and no other had to do, than to wait for the return of his master. Ruphus one would have to be.

His weary eyes wandered up the hill. A warm glow was there through the trees and helped him to find the way. “Well, duty calls. Would be ridiculous if I still do not the rest”, he sighed and sat back in motion.


A little further up was Harry, the watchdog in his kennel, and was musing about the unfairness of life. Today was Christmas Eve. That was not to be overlooked. All over the farm bright lights were burning, and the house smelled for the first time in weeks for check up. Obviously, there was prepared something tasty, only it would probably not help much. Sullenly it saw the food bowl, standing in front of his hut and came over from dry food.

“Actually we need to save so”, its master had said earlier and then had announced his food bowl but filled to the brim. “But today is Christmas. Sorry, old boy, but dry food is the only thing you can get.”

And that at Christmas!

Harry was angry and wanted Minka now, the old house cat, chased across the court and had a little argument with it. But Minka died last autumn. Harry missed Minka. Even if it had never admitted it, Harro had liked the old cat. Now Harro was the only animal in the house, and that was boring.

Even more than Harro the five-year Tina seemed suffering the loss. Since Minka died, she had been only with sadness air around and had not seemed to perceive Harro. As an adult German shepherd Harro was not a suitable substitute for a Persian cat, no matter Harro did to get her attention.  

Life was simply unfair.

A sudden noise distracted Harro from his gloomy thoughts. If Harro’s good ear had not mistaken, someone was slipping up the hill on the other side of the yard. That was interesting. In anticipation, Harro bared its teeth. While other dogs were barking in such a situation, Harro loved the surprise, which it had practiced to perfection, much to the chagrin of the local postman. So Harro slipped quietly to the other side of the house and hid itself behind a large Rhododendron, which was half buried under the weight of snow. Harro was happy! The big Christmas dog seemed to send something to play with. Harro would receive the gift due.  


“Do you think Santa has forgotten me?”

“Of course not”, Maren reassured her little daughter. Lovingly, she stroked her blonde, slightly wavy hair and forgot for a moment all the anger that threatened her to roll over. Michael, her husband, lost his job last summer and so far has not found a new one. With over forty years his chance to get a new job was more than bad and so he has got only cancellations. Too old was the regular reasons, even if no one dared to express it directly. But between the lines one could read clearly what the real reason was. If not soon a miracle happened, they would even have to sell their house.

“But it's late, and he's not still there.”   

“Do not worry, Dad made sure”, she comforted the girl. “But I do not know if he will bring you the toy, that you'd wish”, she prepared her child for a possible disappointment, because the money was not enough for great gifts. With her husband she has even settled each other to give nothing, even though she still has a heart's desire.

“I have wished for no toy”, Tina replied seriously.

“What then?”

“If I tell you it will not come true.”

“OK, I see. Well then let ourselves be surprised, and now let mom working. I have to do much before the coming of Santa Claus.”

“OK!” Tina disappeared as the whirlwind and had almost run over Michael, who was just about to hang a garland.


“I hope, you have not forgotten the Santa Claus service”, Maren hooked carefully. They had to save, but renting a local Santa Claus was now not really the world. What also had a reason.  

“No, although I think that this is nonsense. Remember last year! The Santa, they sent us, was so drunken, that he fall off his sled.”

“Yes, ho, ho, w...ho brings me a beer, was really not so good”, Maren said meekly. “But this time they have promised to send someone with experience.”  

“Maybe I should apply there. With my age I would be well qualified.”


“I'm sorry, but I have already re-post.”


Michael nodded.

“Signed with the best Christmas wishes. Nice, isn’t it? Perhaps I should really switch to Santa Claus. That would be even a casual job.”


Santa Claus could not divide this estimate at all. After he had finally achieved the house, he realized that this was surrounded by a hunter fence. Naturally he could take the way by the garden gate, but he wanted to remain unnoticed. Thus he selected the way over the back of the garden and heaved a leg over the amazingly high fence. He remained hanging with the trousers ground on one of the pointed stakes. „Condemned, to me still “, he swore his missing, while he carried a little elegantly the second leg over the fence. But then he lost the equilibrium and disappeared with the face ahead in the snow.


Harro was disappointed. A burglar he had differently fancied. Well, the man dragged a large bag, which sufficiently documented his intentions from the perspective of the dog. After Harros opinion a man of this age should better sit at home and do not do theft break-downs in houses. Harro doubted that it would make fun to hunt the burglar over the yard, which looks like an ageweak bear. But no matter, Harro takes which gets before its lip. Perhaps it would become more interesting to show the burglar its big teeth. That was a good idea. On rigid legs Harro left its hiding place. The play could begin.   


„That is the last mark “, Santa Claus swore quietly, while he knocked the remaining snow of his red coat. An inspection of his drawback confirmed, that a large tear gaped there. “Cursed hunter fence.” Sighing he broke off the further examination. At least he had not broken anything, and that was the main thing. Now he only had to settle his task, but those was not easy straight. His view walked over the white front of the pretty single family house, with its wooden window shops in the deeply snow-covered, generous garden. The house nearly looked like one of these candle houses from the Christmas fashion shops. Santa Claus examined carefully the brightly illuminated country house windows of the first floor, until his view got stuck at a window, which was decorated with Christmas painting. A toy-bear, which was wearing a Christmas cap over its right ear, was sitting on the window sill. The black button eyes seemed reproachfully to stare, and Santa Claus could have sworn that the bear vibrated pitifully its material head.

Who was already interested in the opinion of a toy-bear?  

At least he knew now, what he had to do. With sighing he reached for his heavy bag and solidified. As far as he could remember, this consisted of stable, woven from Christmas helper-hands, not of skin. Also it had had no teeth! Frightened he tore the hand back.  

 H e l l o “, Harro said in his deepest pitch and placed pleased firmly, that the rosy cheeks of the burglar had become suddenly pale. „Do you get lost? “


„Listen, it seems, as if someone has called for help outside “, Maren said irritated. She was convinced to have heard a straight desperate assistance cry, followed of joyful barking.

„I have not heard anything. “

„And if Harro is just eating Santa? “

„Then we save fodder. “

Maren twisted furiously the mouth. With her husband she could not really begin too much at this moment. „Already well, then I will see even after “, she said and walked energetically to the front door.   


„That was help in last second. “ Santa Claus wiped himself over his wet forehead, than he struck Ruphus gratefully on the shoulder.  

„ What would I only do without your help?

„In the clamp are “,Ruphus shifted, while he regarded the poor Harro, which found the whole less amusing. Straight ones Harro had still amused itself so well with its toy and now, from one moment on the others, Harro could not agitate itself. Even its lip, from which still some red material hung out, was as paralyzed. Harro would weight with the large Christmas dog.

„ Shouldn’t you watch out on the carriages? “, Santa Claus tried to divert.

„Clear, but I know you already for a few hundred years, and lately you have always assistance used. “  

„Nonsense “, Santa Claus appeased, while he observed, how Ruphus carried Harro back into its hut only with a leave hand movement. It was already unfair that charms only the Christmas helpers were reserved.  

„I still remember last year, when you took the wrong door and walked into the room of the old lady. Her call for the police could be even heard at the other side of the street. “

„Oh that. “Santa Klaus pulled move at his coat.

„Or in Texas, as they thought, you were a cattle thief and shot at you. Good was also the story in Australia… “  

„Conclusion now “, Santa Claus interrupted enumerating. „I have to work, in addition someone comes. “ While Santa Claus and Ruphus ducked themselves in the shade of the lateral house wall, the door came up at the front of the house. A woman stepped into the free and looked around attentively.  

And? “, a bored man voice asked from the inside.

„Wrong alarm, Harro is sleeping peacefully in its hut. “

The woman disappeared again and closed the door. Harro could not seize it. Does none see what has happened?

Santa Claus drew a deep breath relieved.

„That was scarce “, he admitted and walked to the back of the house. Ruphus followed amused. „Thus further now. I must up there inside. “ Santa Claus pointed with the finger to the window with the sitting bear. Its view seemed to say: Here you do not come purely.

„Property that you are so through-trained”, Ruphus scoffed with a characteristic view on the immense belly of Santa Claus, which stretched his coat precariously.

This makes one week paying bolts specially “, Santa Claus said insulting and went on the search for a simpler admission possibility. He would already come into this house somehow. He felt, that the little Tina needed him. Many desires of children went to him in the course of a yearly toward mysterious way. But these, very to the displeasure of Santa Claus, unfortunately wished themselves only plays for their computers or game consoles. Santa Claus sighed unconsciously. Where only had the time remained, when still a smile appears on each child face only when he presents a wooden railway from his backpack?   

Passed, like so much.

But with Tina that was differently, completely different.

„Dear Santa Claus “, she had begun her desire,

I only wish to know if Minka are in the cat sky well. More not! Please, please say to me whether it arrived well. Minka is already a little old and does not see so well any longer. I wish myself only, that you help Minka, if it passed itself upward on the way.

I wait for your answer.


Santa Claus was agitated and had set Tina’s desire right at the top on the list. Clearly were Minka well. Dear cats come into the sky. No question! And that he would communicate Tina, in addition he had there some more in his bag, which it would perhaps comfort a little.

„And, do you have already found a possibility? “, Ruphus tore Santa from his thoughts.    

„Here is still another door “, Santa Claus answered quietly. A further door was actually on the back of the house. Behind them Santa saw a brightly illuminating kitchen in the country house style. But how they should walk from there unidentified into the room of Tina was a mystery. But a new problem opened itself. While Santa Claus was still standing thoughtfully in front of the brightly illuminated kitchen door, this opened suddenly like automatically, and in the door frame a strongly built man appeared.

„There are you! Even if time became slow “, he welcomed Santa Claus. „Well at least you have not forgotten our advice with the back door. But who is that? “ He pointed with a surprised face expression to Ruphus, who let his ears disappear under his cap.

Ruphus introduced himself to: “Ruphus.”

„I have ordered only one man and also for only one I will pay “, Michael answered unfriendly back.  

„Oh, Ruphus is in vain. “

„Well, then comes purely. “ Michael stepped to the side and made a requesting hand movement. Santa Claus and Ruphus stepped into the kitchen. Pleased they stated, that it smelled as in the Christmas baker's shop at the North Pole. On the sill plate lined up various dishes with cookies which let the water gather in Ruphus mouth.

„The mask is well “, Michael determined soberly, after he had taken Santa Claus more near in inspection. „You could go through smoothly for one hundred years or more. “

Santa Claus answered to thanks pleased. „Sport is worthwhile itself evenly nevertheless. “

Michael watched him distrustfully.

„I hope, you haven’t drunken something? “  

Santa Claus and Ruphus vibrated demonstratively their heads. Michael was noticeable, what had escaped his attention so far: the damaged sleeve of Santa.

„What is thereby happened? “, he asked irritated, while Santa Claus was trying to hide his sleeve behind his back.  

„Moths “, Ruphus helped with an explanation.

„Seemed to be very hungry“, Michael placed impressively firmly.

„Oh, particularly one of them had rather large teeth. “ Santa Claus nodded confirming with the memory of Harro, the dog.

„When will I ever experience, that they send us a reasonable man? “ Michael sighed. „Well, this is not to change now. So take your place, I will explain, what you have to do, but first I must ensure that we are not getting disturbed. That lasts not for a long time. “

Without a further word he disappeared by the kitchen door and left Santa Claus together with Ruphus.  

„What does he mean? He will explain us, what we have to do? “, Santa Claus asked irritated, while they squeezed themselves into the small, semicircular dinette, which stood at the face of the kitchen half under the cosy kitchen window. Santa Claus was already quite a while in the office, but such a treatment had not found accommodation it yet.

„I estimate, he is confounding us with someone “, Ruphus speculated, while he considered longingly the cookie bowls.

„How can someone confound me? Perhaps do I look like the Easter hare? “, Santa Claus said indignant.

„If someone would make something there with your ears… “

„Ruphus! “

„Already well, I think, he regards you as a renting student, who is to play Santa Claus “, ,Ruphus cleared him up.


„I estimate, we will get a serious problem, if genuine renting Santa Claus emerges here. Perhaps we should better disappear. “

„Not before I have made Tina happy “, Santa Claus answered decided. Affectionately he patted the large bag, from which to Ruphus astonishment a pitiful “miaow” sounded. Ruphus twitched only the shoulders. About his present-choice, Santa Claus did not bear a criticism. But Ruphus something else determined.

„Here isn’t only Tina unfortunate “, Ruphus noticed, whereby he rooted himself by a large heap paper, which had suddenly appeared in the middle of the table as from charm hand. Your application was to be read on many of the letters, others carried the heading „Last reminder “.   

„Let that disappear immediately “, Santa Claus said frightened.

„Also this one? “, Ruphus asked while he was waving with a travel guide over Paris. Beside the picture of the Tour Eiffel was a handwritten notice: Wedding day in Paris? Far one down was a further note. Probable, unfortunate not was there to be read.

„Seems in such a way, as if there still is a little more work to settle here “, Santa Claus sighed. Ruphus nodded briefly, and the accumulation of post office disappeared together with the travel guide in just as way, as it had appeared. Just in time, because in this moment the kitchen door opened and Michael returned, followed from his wife.    

„Merry Christmas “, Maren welcomed Santa Claus and Ruphus, who made a frightened impression on her, so as if one would have almost gotten them with something. Her view touched the large bag, but a short inspection of the kitchen did not supply a reference point for the fact, that something was missing. Even one cookie seemed to be missing.  

„Merry Christmas “, Santa Claus answered with deep voice. „And what wishes do you have to Christmas, Maren? “

„Nothing! And stop addressing us with our first name “, Michael answered.

„You are very unfriendly, Michael! In addition that is not correct. Your wife has very probably a desire. Am I right? “ Santa Claus regarded Maren requesting, who started red.

„Now, actually already, but this year …. we have decided for no gifts “, she brought out hesitating.

„However honey, I thought…. “

„She wishes a journey to Paris “, Ruphus explained in leave.

Michaels view erred confused between Santa Claus, Ruphus and his wife back and forth.

„From where do you want to know ? “

„That would also interest me? “, Maren hooked after. Santa Claus smiled at his good-naturedly.

„All desires reach to Santa Claus on devoured paths “, he explained.

„I understand now. “ Affectionate Maren regarded Michael. „You told it to him, in order to surprise me. Oh honey, that was dear of you. “ She radiated over the whole face. „You thought nevertheless of my desire. Have you already booked? “

Michael began to sweat. He had the feeling of walking into a bear-fall, from which there was no escaping.

„Now….“, he said slowly, while he was annoyed over the good-natured smile of Santa Claus. „I do not have anything…. “, Michael was starting to explain but the ringing door bell saved him from further explanation.

„Who can it be? “, Maren asked surprised.  

„I have there an idea “, Ruphus sighed.


Outside, Thomas, a pupil of 17 jears, was waiting in his already easily carried forward Santa Claus costume. This was now already his ninth Christmas-show for today, and he was accordingly motivated. The first three times had been still completely merry, but with the fourth time the job had begun to nerves him. The Christmas carols, which had sung with crying voices, would probably still pursue him until the next summer. Fortunately the one or other head of the household had had compassion and had offered him a drink. That had made the whole a little more bearable. He sighed with the thought, what would expect him in this house, while he pressed again on the bell. Did they want him freeze to death? This was his last route for today, and he wanted finally home! Occasionally he looked a little bit nervous at the doghouse, in which an impressing large shepherd dog seemed to sleep. What would happen, if the dog woke up?

The rotation of the key in the lock tore Thomas from its thoughts. Apparent one had finally heard him. Internally he gave himself a jerk. It was Showtime again.  

Ho, ho, ho, from outside the forest  ...…. “

„That is nevertheless logically, finally we live in the forest “, Tina interrupted, who had been the first at the door. Thomas was astonished.

„Ähh, this is correct”, he admitted. “Look, babe, I am Santa Claus. May I speak to your parents? “

„Where is your annuitant carriage? “ Tina looked around the garden, but the only thing, she discovered, was an old VW in front of the garden door. Thomas sighed. One more time such a child, who tormented him with questions.

„In the inspection “, he answered sarcastically.  „Listen, I would really be glad, if I could speak to your parents. “

Tina regarded him distrustfully. This Santa Claus did not correspond to the pictures from their Christmas-books. So far, she could remember, Santa Claus does not wear withdrawn trainers and jeans under his red coat.

„You are not Santa Claus at all “, she determined energetically.

„Am I nevertheless, and I bring along a large rod”, he said and realized that he could say good-bye of its fee, if he should not create his role convincingly. And at this moment it did not look in such a way, as if that would succeed to it.

„If you are Santa Claus, you will know my wish“, Tina gave him a last chance. Hope-fully she looked up to him. Perhaps she had erred, and this was really Santa Claus.

„Obviously, a lot of toy “, Thomas bluffed at random.

„Wrong! “

With a loud bang the door felt in the lock. Thomas could not believe it.

Hey, open the door! “ He knocked angry at the door and pressed his finger on the bell, which both let Tina unimpressed. She ran along the corridor and then up the stairs. On her way she would have almost run over her father for the second time at this evening, who stepped straight from the kitchen door thereby.

„Who was at the door? “, he called his daughter afterwards.

„A dammed cheat “, it called from above back, followed from a loud bang of the room door. Michael twitched the shoulders. This was really a crazy day. The impatient ringing at the entry door sounded again.

„One moment, I am coming. “

„Ho, ho, ho, from outside of the forest I … “, Thomas set to a second attempt, again without success.

„What do you want? “, Michael asked surprised at the sight of the badly disguised pupil, who had a considerable alcohol breath and let the shoulders resigns to hang.

Thomas was sure! Either the entire household had sworn against him or he had become a victim of the hidden camera.  

„I want you to sell the new hyper turbo-vacuum cleaner including usable jute dust bag turn “, he hummed, whereby he was showing Michael his Christmas bag. „I hope you like the execution. The broom is free of charge in addition. “


In the meantime Santa Claus and Ruphus were trying to receive desperately, which happened outside at the door. But in view of the circumstance, that Maren was swarming them enthusiastically forwards from Paris, it was impossible to understand a word. A sudden call interrupted Marens lecture.

„Honey, would you please come for a second. Here is somewhat not correct. “

“Would you please excuse me, I’ll be back soon. “ Maren disappeared from the kitchen.

„We are now sitting in the trap. “ Santa Claus sighed. Ruphus put comforting the hand on Santa’s shoulder.

„No concern, I’ll just have an idea. For what do I finally can charms? “


Tina was lying deeply disappointed on her bed and buried her face in the cushion. What would probably say Santa Claus if he knew from this cheat? , she asked herself, when a deep voice let her drive frightened highly.  

„Well, who will cry at Christmas? “

„Are you genuine Santa Claus? “, Tina whispered at the sight of the white-bearded, good-naturedly working man in the red suit and his helper. How could both suddenly emerge in her room? Nearly it seemed to her, as if here was magic in play.

Santa Claus bent down to her.

„I am the only real Santa Claus, and that is my assistant Ruphus. You do not need to have fear. “

„I am not afraid “, Tina answered stubbornly, although her voice trembled. „However, if you are Santa Claus, then you know my wish. “

Santa Claus nodded and opened his bag. Tina’s eyes became largely, when she saw, that Santa Claus carefully brought out a small, black cat.

„By the way, Minka is well in the cat sky, and she hope that you will watch out for this small one. Do you get that? “

Tina nodded mutely, while a lonely tear ran over her cheek. She whispered to thanks quietly.

„You are really genuine! “

Santa Claus smiled.

„Oh, that am I, but now I have to go. I beg your pardon. “ He saw nervous to Ruphus over there. „Get the carriages, and maybe you can do something with this wrong Santa Claus, so that we win time. “

„I am still working on it “, Ruphus answered amused.  


In its hut Harro placed enthusiastically firmly that he had get back the control over its limbs. Now it was at the time to show the intruders who was the dog on this yard. Harros view felt on the man in the ridiculous red costume, who was violently arguing with its people. With his white beard he looked like an old man, but Harro could smell that this was not correct. The man was a cheat, and Harro did not like cheats. It was time to act. In glad expectation Harro bared its teeth, so that the moon light was reflected on its. For a short instant Harro hesitated and shook irritated its head. Does evenly something large have flown loud less through the sky to the other side of the house?

A carriage, which was pulled of strange animals?

Harro examined distrustfully the sky, where only the moon was swimming in a sea of small clouds. Harro vibrated its head indignantly. Now he already suffered from illusion conceptions. It was at the time to concentrate on which it had before the lip, and this shone enticing red.


„Wow, a genuine annuitant carriage, and it can fly. “ Tina was enthusiastic. „Can I come with you? “, she asked Santa Claus, who was about to climb with the assistance of Ruphus by the opened window on the carriages. The eyes of the material bear, which was fallen of the window sill seemed to say:

You never create that.

„Unfortunately not “, Santa Claus said, who tried to overcome the big abyss to the carriage like an old stuntman.  „Still more weights does not stand the carriage. “


Toward the other side of the house it went loudly in the meantime.

„You have to disappear from our property. A drunk pupil, who scared in addition my daughter, does not come into our house “, Maren said furiously.

„Not without my money. We have a contract. “

„You can negotiate that with Harro. “

„Who is Harro? “

Instead of answering, Michael pointed only leave to something or someone behind Thomas. A deep growl, which suddenly sounded behind Thomas back, let him swallow.

„Don’t annoy Harro too much, Harro is very sensitive “, Maren scoffed.

„Please wait… “, Thomas set and broke off, when he saw himself suddenly opposite the closed door. Now he had a problem, a big problem with sharp teeth. Life could be easier.


„Do you think Harro will kill him? “, Maren asked with more easily concern in her voice. Nevertheless was Christmas, there should one let mildness reign. Michael declined appeasing.

„Do not care. He will only hunt him a little by the garden, as he always does it with the postman. That harms not and is good for fitness. He will be grateful. “

A loud barking, followed of violent swearing, let Michael listen attentively. Then, one instant later, a car engine howled. It sounded as if the driver wanted to bring distance between him and this house.

„So, this is finished. Now I am keen for the explanation of this Santa Claus in our kitchen. He seemed equal to me a little suspect. “

Michael walked energetic down the corridor, opened the kitchen door and stopped irritated.

„He is disappeared. Where could he be? “

„Notion, perhaps he is just filling his bag with our stereo system. “

„Then we should find him immediately. “ 


In the meantime Santa Claus had achieved the miracle and had surely landed on the carriage. That had precariously varied, but in the long run nothing else had happened.

„Good-bye dear Santa Claus. “

„Good-bye Tina, and care well for the little cat “, Santa Claus answered and pointed to the cat, which had made itself it cosy on Tinas arms. It looked at least as happy as Tina.

„Oh, there is some more “, noticed Ruphus, which pulled a looking official letter out from its green cape. „Give that to your father and say to him that I have found the letter in the garden. Probably the postman has lost it. Please do not forget it, it is very important. “

Tina nodded mutely and received the letter.  

„And now fare well. “

„Good-bye, I hope we see us next year again! “, answered Tina. Then the carriage disappeared like a ghost at the night.   


„You didn’t really found the letter “, Santa Claus determined.

„Maybe I have helped a little and in addition I still have prepared another small surprise “, answered Ruphus. Santa Claus smiled good-naturedly.

„I see already, in a few hundred years you will carry a long white beard and will do my job. “

„Well, who knows? Possible is everything. Perhaps I should think serious about my career “, Ruphus noticed, so that both broke out into a loud laughter.

„Well, let us start the job. I am keen about what will expect us next? “  


„What are you doing there? “ Maren regarded surprised at her daughter, who was standing in front of the open window and was staring into the sky. She realized, that Tina was carrying something on the arm.  „And where does the cat come from? “

„From Santa Claus and he said that Minka is well. Isn't that nice? “

„That is nice. Michael, would you please come. Quick! I believe that they flew outside the window. “ Maren descended careful to the window and looked into the garden, but nothing was to be seen there. At that moment Michael entered the room.

„ Have you soon discovered something? “, he asked, then he realized to his surprise the small cat. “Hey, Tina, where does the cat come from? “

„From Santa”, Maren answered instead off Tina.

„And that is for you. The Christmas helper has found it. “

„Let me see. “ Surprised Michael removed the letter of its daughter, opened it and began to read. Maren, who closed the window in the meantime, threw an anxious view to him. Such a face expression of her husband she had not seen for a long time.  

„Something interesting? “, she wanted to know.

„You will not believe it! “ Michael jubilanted so enthusiastically, that the little cat jumped scared from Tina’s arms and hid itself under a chair. „I have a new job! “

„Couldn’t be true! “   

Maren tore Michael the letter from the hand. Her eyes flew over the text. „Actual “, she determined disbelievingly. „That is a miracle. “

As if they would have had the same thought they looked at the window where Santa Claus had allegedly disappeared.

„Do you believe…? “, Maren asked hesitating.

„This couldn’t be true or…“ Michael came to a hold. His world was in staggering. Had he really dragged Santa Claus into their kitchen?

Tina’s view erred between her parents back and forth. Could it be, that they did not believe in Santa Claus?

Energetically she stamped with the foot.

„Natural that was Santa Claus! “, she determined categorically. Michael nodded, bent and took the small cat, which squatted still under the chair. He saw asking to Maren over there, who signalled her agreement unnoticed by Tina. Then he turned to his daughter.

„Natural that was Santa Claus “, he said and placed surprised firmly that he believed a little in it, „and he has also still brought us a new house inhabitant. That is a reason for celebrating! And to Paris we also come still. “   


In the meantime Harro had given up its posts at the garden gate. Harro doubted that its victim would return again. That was unfortunate, because it had made fun to hunt the strangers by the garden. While Harro was walking back to its hut, its fine hearing announced to it that its people started somewhat, what they called singing. Harro didn’t like this awful crying. But Harro also knew, that they only sang, if they were happy. So Harro accepted it calmly. At least were its people well and that was the main thing.

Suddenly however Harro got the smell of roasting rose into the nose and stopped surprised.

No doubt!

The smell was coming directly from its hut! Inspired he ran over there and placed astonished firmly that its dry fodder had transformed into an enormous heap of its favourite pieces of meat. The large Christmas dog had not forgotten him. One instant he still hesitated. The matter did not feel uncomfortable. But then Harro overcame its shyness. Finally his attitude was to take what you can get before your lip.


Merry Christmas and sorry for mistakes


Klaus-Peter Behrens


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Klaus-Peter Behrens.
Published on e-Stories.org on 05/06/2011.


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