Peter Gutsche

Endless serenity

There is no time for aknowledgment,
there never was time for a funeral,
there was never time for revenge.

If things are only defined through money,
if people only see themselves,
if pet become partners,
you define a new millenia.

If citizens believe in their own faith,
if nature will be killed for profite,
if criminals exist outside prisons,
you define a new beginning.

Where is the judgment?
Where is the fame?
Where is the hope,
where the luck,
where the serenity?

It never existed,
it never will.

Give me time to think,
give me time to live,
is there a feeling you can't trust,
is there a thought unworthy to be thought,
is there a child, crying in the morning without sense,

where do you guide me,
where will you take me,
where are your borders,
this defines me,
this explains you.

Where are your children,
where are your ancestors,
where do you let yourself go?

Where are your manners,
where's your believe?

Can you teach,
can you be tought?
Can you reach your goals?
Can you believe in yourself?

Frankly spoken, frankly ignored,
mine is the word, mine is the time,
there is no other way than here and then.

What will become of us,
what will become of you,
your family, brothers in mind?

Can you identify your inner strategies?
May god help you?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Peter Gutsche.
Published on on 07/19/2011.


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