Carolin Schwab

Just Sitting

Just Sitting
Iím just sitting here
Staring out of the window
But you donít see anything
Just gazing into space
And thinking
Why does everything go wrong
Why think humans they are strong
Why does nothing matter
Why is everything in deep disregard
Why donít you care if anybody cries
Why donít you care if anybody dies
Why couldnít you care less
Life makes no sense to you
No chance to be happy again
Your only wishís to die
Deep inside it hurts so bad
You canít imagine why
While youíre staring out the window
You donít move,just sitting right here
Somebody talks to you
But you donít understand
What heís trying to say
You know youíre lonely
Lonely in this wide world
And nobodyís there
Who would care
If youíre dead
Death-your single sanctuary
To escape


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Carolin Schwab.
Published on on 09/29/2005.


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