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Geoffrey was one of the Guinea pigs in my little shelter. He came from a year-around outdoor mews in the care of our association. He has to live without a partner for a long time. This is a disaster for a guinea pig. There are pack animals you should never keep alone. But many owners shy away from buying a new piglet when one of their animals died. Especially if the once coveted pets are no longer interesting, and they want to give up the attitude. After the quarantine he got here with us pleasant company of a pretty lady guinea pig.

He was an amiable, funny little guy. Whenever I entered the shelter, the guy was already on the grid and waited until he got a little attention. It was touching how happy he then enjoyed his peas flake. The happiness of animals such as Geoffrey is so small things like a pea flake, fresh vegetables and hay, sufficient water and clean litter.

Geoffry said to have been about 4 years old when he came to me. But in the last week I had the thought that maybe it was not the correct information and he is much older. His gait seemed a bit insecure. Worries but I have not made myself. He was agile, has eaten very well and gained weight. The weight can best be seen as it is ordered with the health of guinea pigs. These small jester are World Champion in the hide of diseases - a remnant of its wild form. There sick animals endanger the pack and are sold. A weekly weight management and a thorough examination of the animals is therefore essential.

The last Saturday was actually quite normal ...... Geoffrey demanded his beloved pea flakes as usual. He was not flashy. Until distribute the vegetables meal.
Geoffrey stood still and waited on the grid, but then he fell in on itself and could not get up. His left side seemed to be interfered with, so I guess he had a kind of stroke.

I could not do much for him except in his last hour to be with him, to hold him in my arms and make sure he has it warm. He fell asleep peacefully after a short time and has begun his final journey to the foot of the rainbow.

My three cats and my dog was at this time with us. They were very quiet and have gathered around Geoffry and me. My other pets love their guinea pig friends - it seemed to me that as if they knew exactly what just happened here.

It's sad that I could not find a loving new home for him. He will probably not be the only one. Some of the guinea pigs are in my shelter for more than 2 years. That's about a third of their life expectancy.

Nevertheless, Geoffry was a happy pig. In his last months, he had a lovely female partner and everything a guinea pig can also request it. Most of all, but he also had a human which loved him.

Do it well my little friend Geoffry. And think of my promise: I will not forget you and pick you up one day at the rainbow meadow.


Today I had a very touching experience. Geoffrys little bride Betty stood on the cage edge and has drawn my attention to be on exactly the same way as her friend Geoffrey has always done.

Of course, she got one of the beloved pea flakes.

There will always be small Geoffrys who need our help and loving care. We must not be tired even though it may sometimes appears as a fight against windmills.


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Published on e-Stories.org on 05/18/2013.


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