Arun Kurkute (India)



Arun Kurkute


Date Of Birth              :  16th June, 1969

Address                         :  C/o Ms. R. George Jacob
(For Communication)    “GE” Ramalayam, Pedeer road,
                                             Mumbai – 400 026,
                                             Phone: 20592087; 23517877.                                        

State Of Health        :  Blind

Marital Status          :  Unmarried

Languages Known    :  Marathi, Hindi & English (Read, Write and Speak)

Nationality                  :  Indian


Educational Background

Exam.         Board/ Univ. &            Year Of         Main Subject                     Percentage of Marks    Institution                    Passing                                                   & Class

Passed                                                                                                              obtained


MSW          Mumbai                         1994              Social Work.                       61.00%
                   Nirmala Niketan                                   Intervention Methods           II Class
                   College Of                                           and Strategies.  Human
                   Social Work                                        Development and
                                                                               Health.  Pathology and
related services.
                                                                               Counselling.  Psychiatric
                                                                               problems of children
                                                                               and adults.

BA              Mumbai Divistion          1992              Ancient Indian Culture         55.05%
                                                                               St. Xavier’s College            II Class


HSC           Mumbai division            1989              General (Arts)                     69.67%
                   St. Xavier’s College                                                                        First Class


SSC           Mumbai Division           1987              General                               62.57%
                   C. L. Boy’s                                                                                      First Class
                   High School



Activities During MSW [professional Training]

                                                                Name of the Activity                   Organisation   Period

Field Placement during 1st year of           Fellowship For The Physically      July 1992
Master Of Social Work (MSW).              Handicapped Haji Ali, Mumbai.      to Feb. 1993

Field Placement/Block Placement          Asha Daan The Missionary Of      July 1993 during 2nd Year of MSW.                                                                Charity Byculla, Mumbai.              to Feb. 1994

Seminar paper presented in college       Nirmala Niketan College Of           Jan. 1994
during MSW - Part II on                           Social Work, Mumbai.
‘Education For All’.

A research project on a study of the       Nirmala Niketan College Of           March 1992 awareness of needs and problems                                                 Social Work, Mumbai.                   to March 1994
of the visually impaired among
sighted college students.


Work Experience after Professional Training

Name Of The    Designation    Period Of                       Nature Of Work
Organization                              Employment

Tata Institute of   Research         August 2003 -                Collected primary and second-

Social sciences  Investigator       December 2003           ary data for supporting the study


All India Blind      Rehabilitaion     July 1995 - July 1998      – Counselling and guidance Progress   Officer                                         on various problems related Association                                        to socio-economic

                                                                                                rehabilitation of the blind.                                                                                                
                                                                                             –  Administrative work of the


                                                                                             –  Public relations.


Co-curricular Activities During Graduation

Computer Proficiency Course

Diploma in Computer Operations from Grey Cells Computer Centre (Bandra) scoring Grade A in May 1999.  The course included Computer Concepts, DOS Commands, dBASE III PLUS, WORDSTAR, Lotus 1-2-3, Data Entry.

Complementary Education

Public Speaking : 1990 – 1991 (St. Xavier’s College).
Effective Communication : 1991 – 1992 (St. Xavier’s College).

Seminar Paper on

Bofors issue, a seminar conducted by St. Xavier’s College Political Science Dept. 1989.

SSL Activities (Social Service League, St. Xavier’s College)

Secretary for a social service project for the blind 1990 – 1992.
SSL Leadership Camp, July 1990.
Social Service League Rural Camp in Ambezari, 1990.

Extra-curricular Activities

•  Volunteered for Toxic-free Asia tour of Rainbow warrior ship of GREENPEACE INTERNATIONAL, year 1999.

•  Leslie Sawhney Training Programme in Liberal Democracy and techniques of organisation, 1990.

•  Leadership training camp by Rotary Intemational District 3140 & Rotary Club of Midcity, 1993.

•  Basic Mountaineering course organised by Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, 1989.

•  Essay competition organised by the Indo-Soviet Cultural Society, 1990.

•  World Work Seminar – 1997 on ‘Deep Democracy, Social Change And The Spirit’ organised by the Global Process Institute, USA.

•  Asian Canadian Youth Exchange Study Work Camp organised by Service Civil International, India, Bangalore, Dec. 1991 – Jan. 1992.

•  Amateur Radio – 1st correspondence course from the Hadley School For The Blind  

   USA, 1995.


Sports and HobbiesS


•    Third Maharashtra Sports Meet And Swimming Competition, Dec. 1983.

•    Unicef Runathon, Sep. 1988.

•    Brooke Bond Challenge Cup (Cricket), Oct. 1991.

•    West Zone Cricket Challenge Cup organised by The National Coordinating Society For Communication and Research, 1994.

•    ‘Run To Win’ organised by BPCL from Manmad to Mumbai (270 km.) held between 24th & 29th January 1999.

•    Open Chess Tournament for the blind (State Championship), 1994.


•    Writing poetry, plays etc.

•    Playing music (mandolin and flute).

•   Playing chess.



Munshi Scholarship for the Best Marathi Student, 1990.



My article titled Integration Of The Blind In The Era Of Globalisation was published in ‘The New Break Weekly’ in the Kalyan edition (June 26, 2000).




Dr. Trupti Gadakari

M. S. Ent.

1, Guruchhaya, Utalsar,
Thane – 400 601,Phone No 022-25474413


Dr. Leena Abraham,

Reader, Unit for Research in Sociology of Education,

Tata Institute of Social Sciences,

Deoanar, Mumbai, E-mail:

Phone- 022-25563294

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