Joseph Trance


  There is a place past all your ugly.  It is  place of love and light.  It is the place of mercy, kindness and redemption and a haven where all your sins have never been.  In this place of forgiveness the most grievous of all the wrong you have committed is wiped clean.  It is the place where you are redeemed and the peace you seek is here past all your understanding.  It is the place where darkness cannot comprehend.  It is a place where all transgressions are forgiven.  It is a place where your ugly is understood and the tears that wash away the Stain of your life are found.
  It is the place where all the good you have ever done, no matter how slight, how miniscule is taken into consideration. But it is also the place where all the Good you have done means nothing.

   It is the place called Calvary where the one true God hangs on a cross forever in eternity spilling endless blood to whitewash your Sin.  It is the place where you are known fully, forgiven fully and made new again.  It is the place where your soul can rest in peace.  It is a place beyond your greatest imagination of what Good is, what being cleansed really means.  It is a place where fear cannot go, where Hope has a home and where Faith has the Freedom to be.  It is the place of innocence retained, and where mockery has no mark.
  It is the place where Doubt and Unbelief are understood and where "this can't be" is turned into "Oh but it's true."
It is the place where angels sing, non stop in a hallelujah Praise, and Light that cannot be extinguished shines eternally.
  To be there, to know this place where UGLINESS ends, only takes one thing:  FAITH in the ever loving God that made you, in His Son Jesus who redeemed you and in HIS  HOLY SPIRT that longs to lead you.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 07/17/2022.


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