Short Stories and Novels Love & Romance (english)

Title Author:
"Wish You Were Here"Dani Rogers
- A damn racy woman ! PART--1Harry Schloßmacher
A bank savings account bookKazeronnie Mak
A Cafe Romance in ParisSaberi Roy
A damsel who had prayed for a millenniumKazeronnie Mak
A Love Story Pt 1Marisa Palmer
A Restless DreamRafael Nugent
Aborting LoveTimothy Vollmer
AlwaysMikayla Powell
AMYJohn Wells
An Old NaturistRichard DeMars
An Uncertain WeekendAngie Pfeiffer
Annabel and BlakeMJ Hamilton
Anniversary TripJoseph Trance
Another Letter to YouDani Rogers
ArrivederlaJennifer Riley
Ashes of my existenceSaba Boy
Begining or EndingRafael Nugent
Behind the windowAna María Gregorio
Best FriendMark Jester Cuyno
Blue City (The Trivial Story)Alina Estis
ClosurePeggy PC Lee
ConfettiArash Farzaneh
Dangers of LoveShakia Holmes
DisguiseShirley Ehling
Double TakeJoy Wilson
Dying to BreatheMariana Sanchez
False IdentityJames Woods
First Loves.Joseph Trance
First tender loveKarl Wiener
Friends?Samantha Rhinow
HimSamantha Rhinow
Horseback RideJoseph Trance
I Kissed A GirlEmily Darby
InVitation AcceptedDorsey Baker
JessicaJohn Wells
JordanHannah Hansen
Love knows no boundariesJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Love on the BeachTanja Longoria
Love storyLupita Mueller
Love was at a distance of 47 yearsKazeronnie Mak
Love without SightUzair Waseem
My Best FriendSarah Baxter
My Dreams of CamelotRichard DeMars
My Most Wonderful DayRob Hanna
Never HappenedTimothy Vollmer
Ordinary miraclesFrank Sperling
PAST The UGLYJoseph Trance
PebbleBill Piccolo
Pizza Vs. Destiny: A Love StoryJeremy Johnson
Quest for BenCaitlin Rose Dutton
SensationMikayla Powell
SICKAbdenour Djafri
Surprising LoveTanja Longoria
Talking to the mirrorLiza Wick
Tears of BloodGisa Wierzchowski
Tell me always the truthPierre Heinen
The AngelJonathon Graham
The Berlin LovestoryDaisy Hoffman
The best and the last love in your entire lifeKazeronnie Mak
The Boy with the New TrousersPeter Donnelly
The CabinAngel Hayden
The DEATH took away an iron man after 80hours lying .........Kazeronnie Mak
The Great EscapeJames Woods
The last Tsar of Bulgaria and the Unfortunate PrincessSimeon Dimitrov
The letterKaroline Goldberg
The Love I Lost,Then Crib DeathRufus Murry Jr
THE MAN OF GREAT MISFORTUNEJaydee John Villegas Capuras
The MirrorBill Piccolo
The only one who truly shares my entire life with...Kazeronnie Mak
The Passionate KissLucy Pinker
The predestined affinityKazeronnie Mak
The Queen and The JesterBarbara I.
The RewardRobert Gatewood
The romance of the mutesKazeronnie Mak
The story of never have and already lostKazeronnie Mak
The tales of a little boy and a little girl and the flowersKazeronnie Mak
The Vampire LADYHannah Hansen
The Vampire LadyVictoria Rivera
Tidal WavesArash Farzaneh
Twill: Chapter 1Alex Waldhauser
Unforgetfull LoveNIladri lahiri
What are you dreaming about?Angie Pfeiffer
What Love is all aboutMichael A. Fischer
Who´s that sleeping on my Couch?Sandy Lindahl
YOU ARE THE ONE FOR MESivapria Bharadwaj
…AND LOVE WILL CONQUERIngrid Armstrong-Boehk