Harry Schlo▀macher

- A damn racy woman ! PART--1

 Already on the bus (Merken to Düren) you and your pleasing contrast could not be overlooked: A white, fluffy coat, slightly covered at the top by long black wavy hair. Blue-green eyes in a pretty face; subtle but great make-up. Not surprising; because later Alex found out about her profession: beautician. It was more of a coincidence that the two later sat at the same table in the Duren station restaurant. Somehow they got talking.

 Alex, the diligent but far too unsuccessful writer; After his fascinating but stressful 'back office', he was now looking for relaxation outside again. He was already looking forward to the party at a friend's house in Cologne. And besides, Alex has been a reliable person so far. Normally, nothing and nobody would have stopped him from heading for the expected boozy activity of this party. But what now? ? "What to do" says Zeus ;-).

 He was sitting across from a classy woman that fate doesn't hand down to a man every day. A halfway thriving conversation was already taking place. Clearly a new situation in which the cards were also reshuffled. Stay on the ball with the impressive lady - get to know her as better as possible - or continue to the party at Astrid Flieder's later, that was the urgent question here. It wasn't an easy decision, since his friend in Cologne wasn't bad either and she might have been angry at his party staying away. It was before Christmas and the "lady in white" just wanted to go shopping in Cologne. Not very interesting to him, Alex thought. So was that it? ...

They also sat across from each other on the train. That's another plus. The compartment was full. Alex was also full of thoughts. Casually laid his forearm on the small compartment table under the window. It was fifty-fifty in his decision-making process. How would it end? The prevented writer had signaled his interest in getting to know the stranger. Now it was up to her to do the same or remain passive. In the latter case, he'd blast off to the party. Yes, he would take a chance. Alex had found his decision mode. He had already offered his first name, ushering in a new, higher round in the contact ritual. Since then she has been silent - knowing full well that one way or another the first course would be set. The continued silence felt like an eternity to Alex. He went through the invited party guests and thought more and more about his big city acquaintance. Adios lady...

 Suddenly a delicate, pale hand lay on the back of his hand. As if she had sensed his conflict and was now looking for a decision. "My name is Bea" ... Alex was pleasantly surprised. The tide turned. Both were silent, smiling at times and looking at each other expectantly. Finally both palms were on top of each other...

(will be continued...)


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