Joaquin Cajiao

Camelot Done With Mirrors

          It was a sunny, brisk cool November day, in downtown Dallas this morning.  Air Force one was scheduled to arrive, at 11:00 AM local time.  Two days earlier, the security detail for president Kennedy arrived in Dallas to make all of the necessary security arrangements for the presidents’ visit to Dallas.  In charge of the security detail, was the presidents’ most trusted body guard.  He was Lee Harvey Oswald, a long time loyal trusted friend of the president.  Oswald and the president, served together in the same Navy unit during the Panama conflict of 1961.  Both the president and Oswald served three tours in Panama as Navy Recon and Demolition teams.  On several occasions, Oswald saved his futures bosses life in the jungles of Panama.  Once the president was voted in office, he contacted Oswald and offered him the position to head his security detail.  Oswald had no immediate plans of what he might do, once he retired from the Navy. He accepted the presidents’ offer, without hesitation.  After all he was the most qualified applicant for the job, since he had saved the presidents life numerous times before in the past.  In the span of six months, Oswald had made the office of presidential security his own.  Anything remotely related to the safety of the president, had to be brought directly to him for review and approval.  Oswald loved his new job; he even liked to joke with the members of his security detail team, that he was the most photographed and famous bodyguard in the world.  The president did not travel anywhere, unless Oswald gave him the green light that it was safe to do so.  The men had a real close bond, the bond that only exists among military personnel who have faced battle together.  One of the things the men under Oswald admired about him was how he could always stay calm cool and collective in all types of critical situations.  Like the one time during the vice presidents, visit to Algiers, when there was an attempt on the vice presidents life.  Oswald had gathered intelligen! ce the n ight before the attempt, switched the presidents itinerary for the vice presidents itinerary.  Oswald warned the vice presidents head of security detail, that there would be an attempt made on the vice presidents life.  The head of security didn’t listen to Oswald, the attack came and it was a slaughter.  The vice president barely escaped harm and death by only one hour.  Again, Oswald saved the vice presidents life, by only minutes. He saved the vice president by having him kidnapped by a group of Navy seals and safely transported back the United States.  The Vice president was grateful, but Oswald had made enemies within the vice presidents security detail. 
      Air Force one landed right on time, all was going right on schedule with out a hitch.  Oswald walked next to the presidential limousine as it paraded through the down town streets of Dallas.  His limousine was a convertible, which was security a nightmare for Oswald but there was little he could do about it.  The president felt that he was there for the people; he wanted to be in touch with his people.  The president even got out of the car a few times, to shake hands of the people on the parade route.  Oswald remained clear calm and vigilant, through out the whole parade route.  As the presidents’ car turned on to Daley Plaza, everything fell apart simultaneously. Three shots rang out; Oswald looked and saw the president had been hit.  He tried to jump in to the presidents’ car as it was speeding away, but was thrown to the ground.  The presidents’ driver just sped away, whisking the president away at mach two speed.  Oswald quickly picked himself up, and jumped in to one of the police cars in the motorcade.  When he arrived at Dallas memorial hospital, he saw all of the rest of his security detail waiting there.  The president had been rushed in for emergency surgery; right away Oswald knew this was very bad.  Oswald waited impatiently for some kind of news, on the presidents’ condition.
          While waiting for some kind of news, Oswald kept going over it in his head what he could have missed.  The buildings on the parade route had all been cleared and secured the night before the presidents’ arrival.  The rooftops all had at least minimum two Special Force snipers he had personally put in place.  Oswald observed something odd in the presidential limousine, the interior was spotless.  As if it just rolled out of the assembly line, this was not the car that his president had been shot in.  When he questioned his security detail about it, they all said the same thing no one had been near the car except the driver.  The presidents’ driver was also part of the security detail team, the only difference was that he had more specialized driver training than the rest of the security detail.  This driver had been on Oswald’s team for about one month and had come highly recommended by Commodore Barry a good and trusted friend of Oswald.  The driver was Thomas Heimler Benz; he was commodores Barry’s driver for years.  Once the commodore retired from active service, he lost the privileges of having a personal driver.  When Oswald questioned Benz, why or how he cleaned up the car so fast, Benz did not have any idea what Oswald was talking about.  Benz never got the chance to clean up the car, when he arrived in the emergency room all he did was park it and there was a mob of people waiting for the president to arrive.  All Benz did was leave the car right where he pulled up.  Besides that fact that the car was spotless, there was also key evidence that was now lost.  Oswald just did not get, it was as if nothing had happened.  Oswald walked in to speak to the doctors, no one would tell him anything on the condition of the president, this aggravated Oswald to no end.  At one point Oswald even tried, to use his official business charm on a nurse for any information.  It was useless in a span of 4 hours; the president had been shot whisked away in to a hospital and disappeared.  Oswald looked closer! to find evidence, of bullet holes or blood splatter in the presidents’ car.  He only found emptiness, there was absolutely nothing. 
          Oswald not getting anywhere at the hospital, went back to Daley Plaza to see what the police had found.  There was police everywhere and FBI personnel all over the place; this was probably the safest part of Dallas today.  He went to the third floor of the, Dallas police Communications building, where the shots had been fired from.  Once on the third floor, the forensic experts going over the evidence greeted him.  The head investigator was for the FBI was a man named Elliot Ness. Elliot Ness had made a name for himself, during the cocaine cowboy wars in Miami back in 1951.  Elliot Ness and his FBI team had managed to stop all the cocaine traffic coming in from Miami in to the East Coast.  He did it in a unique way, by placing a ridiculously high tax on all cocaine shipped north from Miami.  The deal was you could bring all the cocaine you want in to Miami, but you had to have a federal tax stamp.  Ness did all of this legally through congress approval; the government would get 80% of all the profits from the cocaine sales.  The only way you got a tax stamp was to show you could obtain cocaine, but having cocaine in your possession was illegal.  The offence for possession of cocaine, for first time offenders was a lifetime sentence in Alcatraz Federal prison.  Oswald and the FBI just did not play well with each other, Oswald consider the FBI the government’s tax write off. However, for the sake of finding out what ever he could, Oswald made nice with agent Ness for the time being.  The bullet casings were made from a titanium casing, right away this was a dead give away for Oswald he knew this meant a Con Ops.
          Contract Operations or Con Ops were nothing new to Oswald; he performed plenty of them when he was the spotter on a sniper team.  Contract Operations were what the CIA called the final solution to most problems.  Contract Operations consisted of assassinations of any regime leader or world leader, which posed a threat to American interests abroad.  But the problem here was this was not abroad this was the United States, things such as this were not suppose to take place on American soil. Slowly the puzzle was beginning to take shape; this was beginning to worry and scare Oswald.  The only way for a sniper to be able to take those shots from this location, was if he was dressed like a cop.  After all, who is going to question, a cop carrying a sniper riffle inside of a Police building.  The witnesses that were questioned all said the same thing there was no one that looked suspicious in the building; the only people in the building were cops.  This guy fit in this building like a glove, which made the identification even harder.  Oswald requested the files, of every police officer that was in the communications building at the time of the shooting.  The FBI had been totally in a loss; they were looking for a ghost.  Elliot Ness had the theory that an outsider some how managed to sneak in, fired the shots then snuck back out.  Problem with that theory was that the building was packed with police today virtually impossible for an outsider to sneak in today.  Elliot Ness was waiting for the finger print report to come back on the shell casings, Oswald knew there would be no record of this invisible shooter, but he conveniently got amnesia and didn’t let Ness know this.  The way Oswald figured it as long as the FBI was kept busy, chasing a ghost the more free time he would have to hunt the down the real shooter.  Once Oswald got the files of all of the police officers in the police communications building on duty that day, he was set he knew he would surely find the shooter.  Oswald painstakingly sh! owed all of the pictures to every cop, in the building at the time of the shooting; he got exactly what he was looking for. Two cops both said that they saw a guy in a policeman’s uniform, but his picture wasn’t in any of the files that Oswald showed them.  There was the confirmation, Oswald was looking for.  After a brief description by the two officers, Oswald had what he needed and headed back to the hospital to check on the condition of the president.
          Once he arrived at the hospital, Oswald was greeted by one of his fellow agents, agent Betsy Ross.  Agent Ross was Oswald’s right hand and most trusted agent on his team.  Betsy Ross had been with the office of presidential security since 1949 and knew the ins and outs of the agency.  She also took a liking to Oswald right away from the very beginning, they were the perfect team.  She had a lot of experience in the department, especially with computer data acquisition and with computer hacking and spy ware programming.  Betsy Ross also served on the protection details of former, president Reagan and Coolidge.  Betsy Ross also handled herself quite well, in most stressful situations just as Oswald.  Agent Ross always, completed top in her class of field excersises, both in physical and physiological endurances.  She graduated first in a class 400 at the Miramar Military Academy in Maryland.  Perhaps this was one of the reasons Oswald liked her so much, or because she had a cocky attitude and everything to back it up.  As Oswald spoke to her to see what the status of the president was, she just told him to come with her to a coffee shop across the street from the hospital.  Not fully understanding what this was about, Oswald just went along to the coffee shop.  Once inside Ross informs Oswald that the no one is saying anything about the president, but something is up.  A couple of hour’s earlier three cars with government plates came in, with official government looking guys inside. Then they went in past all the high security as if they owned the place.  Oswald got upset and asked Ross why she let them in; Ross said she got orders from the Secretary of the Interior to step down.  The Office of Presidential Security would not longer be in charge of presidential security.  Oswald gulped his coffee his adrenaline pumping 100 miles an hour.  He demands to speak to who ever is in charge, One of the guys in the dark suits, introduces himself as David Corrish of the office of the Interior.  He calmly l! ooks at Oswald and tells him the same thing he told Ross, his services are no longer needed.  Oswald in a calm but rough sounding voice tells him, look pal I do not take my orders from you or your secretary of the Interior.  My orders come from someone just a tad bit higher in power, the President of the United States.  Corrish and two of his men try to stop Oswald, from barging in to the presidents’ room.  A big mistake on their part within a matter of seconds all three were on the ground, bleeding profusely.  Oswald opens the door to the presidents’ room, expecting to find his wife next to him weeping; instead, what he finds is an empty room.  Oswald races out of the room; tracs down Corrish in the hospital hallway and grabs him by his collar.  I am only going to ask you this one time and one time only where is the president.  Corrish tells him kill me if you have to, but I have my orders, I am not telling you anything.
          Oswald storms out of the hospital, grabs his team of agents and sets off back to Ft Worth, where they had set up temporary headquarters while in Texas.  It has now been 36 hours since the assassination attempt, the teams running on coffee and pure adrenaline.  Oswald orders every member of his team to start through the usual channels, investigating every lead and do not over look anything. Every detail is very important no matter how insignificant.  He places a call to his old friend commodore Barry, to see of he can get to bottom of this through unofficial channels.  The commodore agrees to meet with him in a deserted oil field, just outside of Laredo the next morning.  Oswald brings agent Ross along as an extra pair of eyes, in case something should go wrong.  The morning comes and they patiently wait, for the commodore to arrive.  The commodore shows up with his bodyguard, His bodyguard is retired Marine Sergeant Chestie Puller a highly decorated Panama Veteran.  Oswald and him were very tight he was his gunny sergeant back in Panama, so he knew he could be trusted.  The commodore sits with Oswald and asks him if he’s ok and what can he do to help him.  Half way through the story the commodore stops Oswald, looks at him with a look of fear in his eyes and tells him to walk away from this one.  If your telling me this is a Con Ops I can’t help you, These people are out where the buses don’t run, I cant find anything if they don’t want it to be found and you know this from experience Lee.  The commodore affectionally called Oswald by his first name, whenever they worked together. At this point Puller steps in and says ill help you, the commodore says what you are going to do.  Pulley says simply sir I have some of my own unofficial channels.  Pulley takes his cell phone and starts talking in a heavy Cuban accent in to it.  The commodore pleads with Oswald to walk away, let things be this is no a fight worth getting in to.  With all do respect sir the president is my responsibility; my responsi! bility i s to protect him at all costs.  He needs me right now and he is in trouble, I am going to do my sworn duty to protect him.  After about a half hour Gunny Puller finally has some information, which proves to be useful.  When the gunny was in Panama, he had made a few extra dollars during the war, doing extra curricular activities.  One of the extra curricular activities he did was as a gun for hire a mercenary.  He would work as a sniper for the drug cartels and anyone who could afford him.  Jokingly the commodore asks him, just when exactly did you find the time in the middle of a war to do extra work, what did you do advertise in the local yellow pages.  The sergeant smiles and says how you think; I could afford to wear a Rolex watch to battle on a Marines.  It turns out through Cuban intelligence, the sergeant found out the president Kennedy was taken after the asasination to a special military base in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  The Cubans knew this because; it was there they were to have a covert peace summit with the Chinese.  This Cuban informant, who the gunnee spoke with earlier, did not reveal the part about the peace summit.  Both the commodore and Oswald part ways, in opposite directions.  When Oswald and Ross arrive back in FT Worth, they find that their headquarters was completely empty not even a shred of paper.  The remainder of the team gone, no signs of anything it was like as if they never existed just like the presidents’ assassination.  Ross calls Washington headquarters no one seems to know anything; as far as everyone is concerned, the team was still in Dallas.  They looked at each other, with a look of disbelief, this cannot be you just do not make a government field office disappear along with government agents and no one knows anything.
          Ross and Oswald are now alone and with minimum resources to their disposal, Oswald decides to head to New Mexico and check out this military base.  Ross advises him against it, but tags along with him anyways.  They board a private leer jet, provided by the Office of Presidential Security and are flown about and half hour away to Los Alamos New Mexico.  Just as they are close to landing they hear over the radio the news that the presidents’ alleged assassin was captured and while resisting arrest was killed.  The assassin was Powers Booth a homeless man to the rest of the world, a CIA scapegoat to Oswald.  As the report starts coming in over the radio, the details of the gunmen are revealed. Oswald can describe the assassin right down to his underwear; Ross cannot believe that Oswald knows so much about this guy. She jokes with Oswald what were you and this guy on a clothes-shopping spree together.  Oswald smile back and says sort of, he is the ghost in the Dallas Police Communications building.  He shares the information he gathered at the crime scene earlier in the day with Ross.  Once they land in New Mexico, agents of the New Mexico Office of Presidential Security greet them.  The man in charge of that team is agent Ernesto Che Guevara.  Ernesto has been an admirer of Oswald for years, he had followed Oswald’s career closely. Although Guevara’s own career was almost as impressive. Guevara moved up in rank rather quickly in the Office of Presidential Security.  At the age of 26 he took a bullet that was meant for president Roosevelt, afterwards president Roosevelt appointed him to head the New Mexico office in 1956.  Guevara was a man that could be trusted; Oswald knew him and liked him a lot.  Oswald briefs Guevara on what he knows so far, tells him this is going to be a tough one and extremely dangerous.  Through the use of local resources, Guevara is able to locate the military base.  The reason it is so difficult to locate it on official maps, is that it does not officially exist.  The D! EA, CIA built this base with drug money funding; it was originally set up as the secondary White House in case of a Nuclear attack on the United States. The local community was spooked because they believed little green men from space were housed there and it was used for UFO experimentation.  This proved to be the perfect cover story, for the hidden base.  The base was known as AREA 51; the base was an almost impenetrable fortress.  For the average paramilitary team trying to break in it might have been, not for Oswald his Navy training would help him get in with no problem. 
          Oswald knew if this rescue was to be successful; he would need airlift team to bring his team in to and out of the compound.  For this he called three of the Armies best pilots, The Judge, The Executioner and the green giant. The judge was the call sign for Captain Charles Lindburgh; The Executioner was the call sign for Captain Boyington.  Oswald served with both of them in Panama; these guys were the stuff legends were made of.  Many times when Oswald had been pinned down by enemy fire, the Judge and executioner would fly in just barely touching the tree line and clear a path of death and destruction with their Huey gun ships, saving Oswald and his team.  The green giant was the call sign for Colonel Curtis Lamea, The green giant served as both and attack and rescue helicopter.  The green giant and her crew had spared Oswald’s life several times as well in Panama.  One problem Oswald had was locating these three pilots, they were probably retired by now and living the good life.  Oswald contacted Commodore Barry, for his help in locating the three pilots.  Barry after exhausting all channels finally located the men contacted them they all agreed to fly in to New Mexico and meet up with Oswald.  It took 24 hours for all three pilots to arrive, at Roosevelt air force base in New Mexico.  Once on the ground the three pilots were greeted by Oswald, as if they were brothers who had not seen each other in years.  All three had retired from the military, for the last couple of years.  Lindburgh was flying tourist all over the pacific islands, as a tour guide.  Boyington had set up an Air Lift for Life specialty cargo delivery service flying emergency human organ transplants anywhere worldwide.  Lamae had set himself quite nicely, as a worldwide contractor for the CIA.  Lamae was a genius in the intelligence community as an independent contractor.  Lamae developed a company called Rapid Express; the company consisted of worldwide package delivery company.  The one unique thing that made this package ! delivery company different from all the others was that all their package carriers were CIA agents.  Able to slip in and out of any government facility virtually unnoticed any where in the world.  Lameas loyalty did not rest with the CIA; his loyalty was to his country and his team first.  He agreed to help because the way he figured it he owed it to his country and his commander and chief.         
Once the team was ready and briefed the Judge led, the way and the Executioner followed close behind just like the days in Panama.  The green giant was to leave the base, and hour after the entry team left the base.  The green giant would be landing close to AREA 51 just in case they needed extraction and the other choppers failed.  It was about 0300 and the helicopters, quietly snuck in below radar detection from the north side of the base.  Once inside the compound, Oswald knew there was no turning back and he had limited time to find his president.  The team managed to sneak in past all of the security measures, as if they own the place.  Once they reached the main building inside, there were guards posted at the doors leading in to a conference room.  Ross handled distracting the guards, she does this by walking up right to them smiling and using her female persuasion.  In a span about two winks of an eye, Ross knocked both guards unconscious to the floor.  The door to the conference was, kicked wide open; Oswals could not believe what he was seeing.  Sitting in a large round conference table was the entire Chinese delegation and on the other side was the president Kennedy and his delegation.  the only words out of Oswald’s mouth we’re Mr. President your alive.  Startled by the commosion, security was immediately called in, guns drawn immediately.  This was now starting to look like a Mexican stand off, except these weren’t Mexicans it was Chinese and CIA security personnel all pointing guns.  President Kennedy gave the order, for every one to stand down and lower their weapons, Every one including the Chinese delegation did, no one was clear of what exactly was happening.  President Kennedy pulls Oswald over to the side, starts explaining the charade.  He starts out apologizing to Oswald, and then thanks him for his valor effort in finding him and trying to rescue him.  Oswald is asked ordered to keep this a secret, by president Kennedy Oswald confused at the situation agrees, Here it is Harvey the ! Chinese have developed a new source of hydrostatic energy.  Unfortunately, this new form of energy comes with a price, if we want to share the technology we have to pull our Nuclear ICBM’S out of Japan.  The Chinese government right now, is on the brink of chaos and they need to save face to their people.  In order for them to give us their technology, it must appear like we came to them and they were nice enough to help us out.  This is the reason this secret peace summit took place. By distracting the world by my attempted assasination, no one is going to bother looking at this deal.  In addition, the people of the Untied States do not know this yet, on our last Apollo mission to the Moon, we discovered that our atmosphere is getting worst.  While we have been using the Fossil fuels, we have discovered that a hole has been created in the earth’s ozone layer caused by the burning of fossil fuels.  If that hole continues to grow, it will kill us and everything in the planet within the next few years.  If we are to survive, we need this new energy source as quickly as possible.  In addition, for years we have been looking to get away from using fossil fuels, this is an excellent opportunity of a cheap clean energy source.   Once we have obtained the technology, we can share it with the rest of the world.  We can make a big, positive difference in the world that is priceless.  Again, I apologize for this situation Lee, but it is for the good of the nation and the world.  Oswald promise me no one in your team will say a word, of this to no one ever. Mr. President no one can say a word about what no one knows correct.  With a slight smirk, he looks over at the president and says; besides the only thing in AREA51 are little green men from Mars Mr. President.  The president smile back and solutes Oswald, Oswald then takes his team out of the main building and they return to Roosevelt Air Force base.  Upon his return to Washington Oswald, types up his letter of resignation from the Office of Presidential Security.  He ! decides to go work as a history teacher at the University of Miami, in Florida.  Oswald married agent Ross in 1967 and retired from teaching in 1987, he currently lives in Hawaii where he is working on his memoirs.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joaquin Cajiao.
Published on on 09/20/2008.


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