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Welcome to the Fantasy Short Stories category on! Here, you will enter a wondrous realm of imagination, where talented hobby authors have conjured enchanting tales that defy the boundaries of reality. Fantasy is a genre that invites us to embark on extraordinary adventures, traverse mystical landscapes, and encounter mythical creatures.

In this category, you will discover a treasure trove of captivating short stories that transport you to realms teeming with magic, wonder, and endless possibilities. From epic quests and battles between light and darkness to tales of mythical beings and fantastical realms, the possibilities are boundless. These stories take readers on thrilling journeys through poetic prose and intricate plotlines, weaving together richly imagined worlds that captivate the mind and touch the heart.

Fantasy embraces the power of imagination, allowing us to explore the depths of our dreams and dive into realms where the laws of nature are suspended. It invites us to suspend our disbelief and embrace the miraculous. Through vivid descriptions, imaginative characters, and awe-inspiring adventures, these short stories remind us of the limitless power of the human mind and the importance of hope, resilience, and the triumph of good over evil.

At, we celebrate the creativity and talent of hobby authors who breathe life into fantastical realms through their short stories. We invite you to immerse yourself in this captivating collection and experience the magic of fantasy firsthand. Don't hesitate to share your own imaginative tales with a global audience, as provides a platform to freely publish your stories. Unleash your creativity, let your imagination run wild, and open the door to new realms of wonder and excitement.

Short Stories and Novels Fantasy (english)

Title Author:
A day in Santa's landMary Diana
A matter of trustMax Fischer
A meeting with Saint NicholasMary Diana
Angel of MercyJames Woods
Another loveMeike Schrut
Banish with Laughcraft - A Weirdly-Humorous Cthulhu-Roleplay TaleAndre M. Pietroschek
Billy of the SeaKim Gray
Blackie the Cat Helps a Pretty Little BirdSidrah Zaheer
Camelot Done With MirrorsJoaquin Cajiao
Dragon's EyeJeremy Lee
Draic: Kin of DragonsTroy Betts
Dream of a womanMeike Schrut
Dream of a woman (10)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (11)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (12)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (13)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (2.)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (3.)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (4)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (5)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (6)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (7)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (8)Meike Schrut
Dream of a woman (9)Meike Schrut
Eight by TenGeorge Carter
Fantastic dialogue (Cosmic “Body Worlds”) PART--1Harry Schloßmacher
Fantastic dialogue_(Cosmic “Body Worlds”)__ PART--2Harry Schloßmacher
Fantasy of the whimsical kind: Merlin's birthQayid Aljaysh Juyub
FEATHERSJohn Edmonds
GloveAisha saintil Dupont
Glove- Chapter 1Aisha saintil Dupont
Glove- Chapter 2Aisha saintil Dupont
Half-blood's Change In BodyMikayla Powell
If You Love Him (A Willow the Vampire Story)Maria Thermann
Javier et Latif - A Short Story of a Big DreamAriane Hofmann
Journey to Tir na NogAlfred Hermanni
Knight´s Bridge: The AwakeningJoseph Dragonn
Magic ToysMary Diana
Mazul and the MagicianBarbara I.
Mopple's StoryMaria Thermann
My Essence.Jasmine Shaw
Of priests and demonsQayid Aljaysh Juyub
PATIENCE (short story)Federico Rivolta
Practice Makes PerfectMaria Thermann
Quest for the Silver KeyPeter Kennedy
Roman TheatricalsJames Woods
SacrificeRachel Wasser
She Who Dreamed Of Dragons (Barbarian Tales)Andre M. Pietroschek
Showdown in PinkMaria Thermann
Sleepless nightNadège Ango-Obiang
Slipping And SlidingJoseph Trance
The Ageless One, Part Two: His EnemiesJason Richard
The Ageless One: His BeginningJason Richard
The confusing (end)Meike Schrut
The conversationMeike Schrut
The Dragon BrideAriane Hofmann
The Dragon-Robber - A Lizardman Rogue TaleAndre M. Pietroschek
The fantastic teacherMary Diana
The First Journey of HerodidesQayid Aljaysh Juyub
The Forgotten OmegaClayton Bryson
The incredible story of the birdmanJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
The incredible story of the birdman/2Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
The Last Respite Tavern Incident - A D&D Tale In CharacterAndre M. Pietroschek
The magic bookMary Diana
The magic wordMary Diana
The Mysterious RoomShristi Roy
the rise of halowynAmir Rizk
The Safari Park AdventureJames Woods
The Second Journey of HerodidesQayid Aljaysh Juyub
The Shadow´s WarJeremy Lee
The StreetJohanna Burgmaier
The Tatto Of HellMikayla Powell
Ticket to ParadiseKim Tyler
TitledLindsay Duede
Toonie and The Dark CloudKim Gray
Tydun´s TaleJames Reeves
UnicornRay Beynon
Wasp Killer Zombie Fungus ApocolypseKat Mirabile
Zurly-Burly planetAmyutza Naulea
“In bed with Professor Hammersmith” so to sayAndre M. Pietroschek