Meike Schrut

Dream of a woman (4)

“What should I say you about my life splendidly? It is half as exciting than the yours. There is only one amount of responsibility for my cardboard town, an info book has brought there sometimes, but you can page through this if we come where we want to go.” In his ears this sounded a little haughty, however, she hid behind it her embarrassment. Within the great city of London he left his carriage with a friend who had already expected him delightedly, that wanted to brag because with his partner by just this carriage. “Do we walk something?” “Could become interesting.” To him struck that she specially did not say her people what these would deal now. “If you worry possibly about my small team to yourselves: no problem. I will inform the men and women with pleasure that you have asked for it. An exact schedule is on occasion necessary not to disturb my staff. They know in all details: if I announce myself, I probably need 3 people who protect me here, what can happen, nevertheless, always, but I grant to them her spare time, then by the hour a well paid-up partial vacation which one can also earn in the cardboard town is subtracted. Where did they go now both long?“ I would visit with pleasure during the next days Golders Green, also because of the cemetery, are connected an amount of recollections with it.” Yes, also her parents were buried there, because these had died in London what she could also not know, his. She had to take her small translation device immediately, because his internal restlessness had become bigger and bigger and she heard in his thought, that he with her this pain not determined was to be divided, not yet. “I can also renounce this, only the deference wanted to prove to my parents whom they have earned, I come too seldom there.” “We could speak of something else? Of course I drive you personally tomorrow to Golders Green if you wish it.” She decided to put the translation device in such a way that it just still did not transmit his thoughts.

It gave pleasure to him to invite them in the company house of his family, this stood empty currently, but the staff would have got ready everything to her satisfaction, she would need no hotel room. If they some required, he would be available to herself. Just she could still hold in herself, because could stand at her possession in the transferred sense a lot and nothing at all mean. She wanted to answer just amused something when she saw his tired expression. “Forgive, I know: Tomorrow they have a strenuous day with tests and work before themselves, it becomes later and later.” He was not only tired, he had gruesome headaches. What he also did not know: the smell which it used as of course daily and which could not damage the person in the gigantic cardboard town also any more: with people from Outside he led to constant headaches and feeling of sickness, the longer they were put out to this smell. However, this had either forgotten them or not had remembered. Her stays were too rare beyond the free cardboard town. 

He stayed in the same floor like they, paid attention on it that he also used another bathroom, she was, at least, only a guest. Yes, he would have work, only few days, but he could also give his double once again - after too long time - the order to step in for him. How did he come on this idea so suddenly? He seldom had headaches and a lot of work ordinarily made no difference to him, but the pressure on the skull became apparently stronger and stronger, he could also just still call his double when to him the ground seemed to break under the feet away.

She had lain there quite a while only in such a way, just the small bottle also wanted to use - because of the long stopping beauty and youth, therefore, the contents had been liked with all women and slowly also with men in such a way, but. How could she be only so silly and forget this?! Only in "cardboard town" this smell was normal like breath air just if one refrains of the fact that the brain diminished from 100 years slowly, but just only very much very slowly.! She had put out the man who had behaved so obliging accidentally to a danger, could be absolutely that even his plans got mixed up for the next days. The smell surrounded them always and he had stayed more than 5 hours in her immediate nearness, inexcusably from her.
She hurried to look for him, did not need to look long: he lay without moving beside a small small table where a mobile phone lay. When she felt: of course he lived, but what might have done her nearness to him, she did not know and also he did not have to get to know immediately. She knew only a possibility: she had to take a quick and very thorough bath, wash also the hair. She let herself water in the tub, almost to hot, hindered the water in the expiration and at the same time she started to soap herself, her skin and the hair scrubbed during at least 15 minutes. Drily rubbed and in a non-transparent nightdress dressed - (she also hated this excessive female, her confidential wish had been very long: "Nevertheless, oh I would have been born as a man.") helped them the man, to move still without himself how lay there deadly and how she saw, had not still moved. She shook him only carefully, nevertheless more violently and when he saw them limited, did not escape him that she drew a deep breath indiscernibly made easier. "Nevertheless, you must be completely exhausted, good man. Only the work and then still I. And tomorrow the whole fun from the front." Their words hummed like a swarm of bees round his head, he had to keep closed to himself the ears. There she decided to help him only in his bed and to say nothing more, besides, rather. "No, you are quite unconcerned, now I take only time for our common plan, worth lady. If my stand-in has given the order to take over all my obligations, ill I cannot appear and I feel that something is not right with me, just I appeared from a fog, before a while." She interrupted him, not only because he sounded dead tired, but also, so that he did not think according to about what might be the reason for his unusual weakness. "You need sleep apparently urgently," it admonished him hypocritically, she decided to pretend something else. Would he decrease from her that she had damaged to him accidentally? What did he know then about her? So much like they of him privately: virtually nothing at all!
To her was his thankful smile (-the smile of a living God - she already swarmed about him, but only just quite secretly) very embarrassingly, it touched them unpleasantly. It was made face up during the next days her folds, because these would come. If just the beautician had to sacrifice a part of her spare time. After half an hour she felt that this dangerous smell led with him to fever. More badly still: if she remembered of getting a doctor how she should explain what was the reason? When she could straighten, however, a little, nevertheless, she called a doctor: one of her personal experts who always knew, how one had to handle with the results of the smell.
Fortunately, her staff appeared within the next 10 minutes how this was possible, would remain for them always puzzling. Their staff indicated a bow how it was usual if one dealt directly with her, in petto one called them anyhow only the queen. It was too excited and procured that she did not pursue how to the man was helped. Only when her personal physician asked them whether she wants to give him a moment hearing, she declined impatiently, the rules which had been put up once for her protection, now hindered often enough. “Now he will be able to rest the next hours without after-effects, but, unfortunately, to deep sleep does not approach, he was too long to the fog put out.” Fog or smell, for the doctors in the cardboard town had been the accident in the chemical factory a middle disaster. A lab employee who wanted to test new means against heartburn had mixed up the different substances in a manner which one could not understand till this day. He did not have to test, he wanted, because one had work only if one also wanted to exercise this. The doctors were in habit to call the smell only the fateful fog, this was the first from which the people appeared if they anticipated nothing of the impact of the drug of perfume. “What now?” “If you permit, boss, 2 doctors and 2 orderlies stay here, an orderly has his hand luggage, besides, he will examine his substances which he gives of himself, goes, as usual, very fast.” “I know this, I give to You what what I want to have at home only again: my 2 bottles, inexcusably that I have forgotten myself.” “Boss can not always think of everything and everything supervise.”

She had made to herself the hobby to appear everywhere where one did not count to me to her: even film teams of only 10 people had already attracted her attention and over and over again she invited representative of all teams in her conferences. With these conferences on Internet - from outside of the cardboard town these meetings were neither observable, nor one got infos - to be present, only this counted alone. And requests around are allowed to listen there was endlessly: here the immediate future of the metropolis decided: Film work, own care, also a little export, how one gained money sensibly had to use and other dismantling of bureaucracy to call only few subjects. She could never at all times suffer it if only in the armchair became sat around: with her the work was finished in comfortable pace. Whom somebody sat, it woke almost always the impression: he is a slacker. Children were informed at home in the television or on Internet about to be learnt material, only if children wanted absolutely, they might go to the nearest school. Then these had the big advantage: together one experienced funny lessons, because she had arranged that all material might be transmitted to the learning only with fun.

"Please, sometimes one, boss about all doctors: if you creep to me furthermore somewhere, you get rid of your post. You have not become a head of department to flatter me, for it I have enough clowns. Though they do not appear in the circus, but they behave in such a way as if I had by all decisions really the very last word." No miracle which other people they perceived so: even if they in the Monday discussions (terribly early, however, very pleasantly for them to feel really all strange moods of her employees them punished nobody for a yawn, however, somebody fell asleep and they this got: he might clean the next 4 weeks somewhere the street. This was natural like a reward, only one said here: "Who cleans here the street, that probably deals nothing better or was punished for something and directly by the boss?" ) personally could not always take part, she always got to know which decisions were liked (also as orders called). If it had only the appearance of deception: immediately just this order was cancelled. Because her orders carried her stamp and also her unfakeable signature, nothing more was to be shaken this. Because it happened only very little without her approval - she delegated very much reluctantly and checked the work of her 2 narrowest assistants even on the week-ends - certain heads of the company had even got into the habit in her town of mailing her personally the reports which she passed on then with the best greetings to assistant which understood in detail what from economic guidance. Also these infos were drawn from her, but without stamp.

"Now very seriously: I forget sometimes the last silly fuss of you and please: because I am responsible alone for the rotten state of the man what I can do personally?!" "Boss could drop by now and again, may I allow to send after you if he ask for you - o, forgiveness - if he could wish something what would deal with the person of the boss anyhow?" She laughed, this unnatural sentence came so muddled that she asked herself whether she came over really so strictly. "Yes, you allow to send, my best." She thought something else, before she went to bed for few hours.

Richard Anns who had become this boss at the age of just 40 years forgot even the usual bow. What was wrong then with her? There had been times, there one seemed to reach only what, while one said her how fantastically she looked. Nevertheless, she had not fallen in love possibly with the man?

He sank his eyes more concentrated about his small team, the emotionless work of the orderly, at the same time another 1. med. Lab assistant was, struck him. "If he should wake sometimes what will absolutely happen - and we accept sometimes, he understands the German, nevertheless, what will he think? Is here a witch's kitchen or am I still in my own house? Bring me in another room, here still what breaks from the tubes, Elmar will bring you the other tests quite on time." 

No, he had not forgotten what he had said the boss, namely: the fact that it can come to no quiet sleep, rather the man - once woken from the strange fog - the next time would seldom be able to sleep and now this was not at all reassuring. He had spoken very quietly and urgently. Though the man who dawned at the moment only before himself heard words which he did not understand, however. They did not disturb him also particularly, only one tiny corner of his brain was able to be surprised. If he could open his eyes, it seemed to him as if the whole space has dived in a deep-blue light, over and over again briefly illuminates by garish rays. From breast area he felt neither pains nor he felt a little bit positively.
“Quick, we lose him the 2nd time.”

2 doctors looked affected, but with combined forces they could fetch back the man from the sombre area of the different world, now and again he already seemed to want to go by the gate. The new drugs which the leading doctor had applied though in the cardboard town inhabitants successfully were to be enjoyed with the man apparently only with care who had to be starved either totally, or the immune system played there a more than bad prank. Constantly the doctor perceived reactions to the smell which appeared as so rare that he got not only in the sweating, he also got fear. And only slightly around his job. He had a lawyer as a friend who got no more order because one had indicated him successfully because of deception, since that time he had to retrain to the media gate. And this was no rarity.

He got few words probably, for him again well that he could also translate no word into his language, he held only the excitement for excessive, he might be fetched back only not from the other light constantly. Almost he could take the other world, it hurt sometime physically that he should live---?! According to feeling he was only able to be surprised very easily, also a side effect of the drugs which one supplied to him if one had to measure them also over and over again lower. The heartbeat had paused and this was the alarm which a by-product of the smell more than had become dangerous not to devise if people inhaled this beyond the cardboard town constantly...
“How does it stand?” Abruptly the boss stood beside the bed. “We create this, he will soon be over the mountain.”
This was he, but needed into the bargain other 8 hours.

When he wanted to stand up, became to him first so dizzy that he decided to plan all his movements more slowly and put into action them also so slowly. To him the hands trembled while pulling what surprised him, was: he also did not wear a piece of clothes, this lay carefully on a chair very near of his camp. The headaches had disappeared completely and he relieves been capable breathing deeply freely.
A man in white smock peeped for one moment to him and then got the woman who did not manage without translation device, she carried it again. He indicated at the place beside himself, she sat down very carefully. “Have you well slept?” He meant to her that he must put on only also his device again. “Wait, I get to you a new.” Abruptly we you sunken that also this device could have tracks of the smell in itself, and a new was quick herzugebracht. The doctors and orderlies had cleaned all things whether the enough, the time brought. This was already for him something what he did not understand immediately, he should do this only much later... ”What got rid with me?” he asked them a little bit anxiously. “Circulation, only him, looked a little worse than you maybe thought, everything again in the green area.” The lie went for her fast and almost easily from the hand what should she also have said him now? Would be sorry her, that they.?

She sounded a little bit too loose apparently, because he acted only in such a way, as if he took this from her. Because she did not want to work yet - for reason inexplicable to him - he visited on the next day a narrow friend, because that sentence on in German: “Schnell,wir verlieren ihn das 2.Mal." did not go for him from the head, he repeated these words heavy for him quietly and tried to write down them even what he did not manage well, because he used English letters for German letters. "Quick, we lose him the 2nd nd time." This came out when he had, finally, the possibility to use the foreign words in such a way that it made a sense. "We create this, he will soon be over the mountain." Almost automatically those quietly spoken words of a man sounded in his recollection after, of course also in in German and as certainly it can be translated. She had lied to him, because if it had been only his circulation, would be these words quite inappropriate, but he could ask one of her doctors? 2 still? Was she badly? He decreased in his company house and found them reading. Something on in English. As if it was the most natural thing of the world, he almost said too quietly and anyhow sadly: ”Have I injured You so much by something that you had to lie to me?” “How do you get on?” “You know this exactly!” “I know nothing.” He sat down to her, took her hand, asked once again: ”If we want to work rationally with each other, we should be honestly to each other. What has happened what I do not understand: did I float in danger to lose my life or what was it?” “Well, yes, it is right, I was afraid, did not know what was it I held for better to lay the coat of the silence about that.” “I cannot forget these unclear moments yet, if time needs for it.” “I have also lied to You to spare You, you still seemed to me too weak.” “So much consideration because of me, to You to stranger?” “Now, then I say:in preparation on the work here and because I knew some about You: I have to me your voice, your most different photos in the form of all kinds of material allow to procure, you are not so foreign to me.” “, But, at least, become so foreign, we talk like aristocrats with each other, we should put down this, it sounds quite ridiculous.” “What would suit? They? You?”

 “Now you would be almost disagreeable to me, but if you may say 'du' me, it should be like that. ”He made way to her concerned look, asked them, she wants to excuse him, he wants to lie down.
When she saw for the clock, she found out: just 13 o'clock?! Was this of him a made up midday nap? Were these his normal activities or.? This Or appeared like a roaring bell in her head. She ran in that direction in which he had disappeared, there were so many possibilities to stay in the house hardly. On a wide bed she found him, he had totally dressed drop on it. Uneasy, deeply anxiously she approached him, touched him, wanted to leave alone already him when she hesitated. Under the clothes she felt violent heat. Fever! Certainly the even high. Why this still came now, now made no difference, she hurried to take off the clothes to him, hard because he did not move. To bring him, to lie down properly in the bed, she shook him, refreshed his hot face when he made no arrangements to make easier it to her. With difficulty he whipped the eyes. . Yes, it was probably better for him if he stretched himself out now in the bed. Quietly he said: ”I have never had thus fear, why this now again.” He believed to know that she understood a little in English, the opposite was the case, she also answered to him in in English: ”You must not have this, I stay here and pay attention to the fact that you are soon better. ”Any more he did not hear, a hot wave after other ran over him, let him gasp, groan quietly and dream up. She took chill cloths, also wrapped his joints, cooled his arms, legs the hot body. For them both very much surprisingly: after just 1 hour the fever decreased suddenly, but he lay there still exhausted to sleep incapable. Their hand was still on his body, she measured the fever, now it had arrived at 38 degrees. He felt for her hand, seized them and also laid his hand around her small narrow hand.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 09/12/2009.


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