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2. Version of the fairy tale about the bird Aori

Behind the mountains which reach round the fairyland lies the country of the sad songs. The songs which also flow out of breaking hearts, funeral hymns. The country lost his peculiar name hardly to be kept long ago. No fairy tale being knew more exactly, when this had been. Simply expressed: the country of the melancholy! A person who wants from a sad phase absolutely avoids this area, a non-human-being also.

Recently I stayed - by mistake - there. The ship on which I wanted to undertake a world trip got in a strange whirlpool and found itself in the world of fairy tale and legends, but just in the country of the melancholy?! Unfortunately, this fitted exactly to my mood, in me was only coldness, nice feelings seemed to have died everybody.

The plaintive tone of a tiny bell frightened me, the captain turned pale when he saw this wonderwork of pure gold by his telescope. "Somebody is here aboard, carries for the coldness in himself, not only such a feeling, also a mighty fairy from this country is called in such a way. She accompanies the king Aori who can change, whenever he likes it, into a coloured bird."

I took care of an expression which one could call calmly, however, sweated under my blue garment suddenly very strongly. The blue garment was nothing special: everybody carried thus a blue dress or a blue suit with silver stripe. But when I looked down according to the words of the captain in myself: my garment was torn up, I had to have lost my diamond-occupied sandals somewhere aboard. And in the corners of my brain there appeared the recollections which I might have not really. Were these my recollections generally?

"You were on the ball of the king Aori, fairy about the coldness," so it whispered in me. "He wanted to annex you to his harem, however, you have rejected him, a bad mistake for which now mermaids must pay because in those takes revenge he always when he does not agree a little bit."

In the sailings of the ship suddenly sat the uncanny coloured bird Aori, shouted always only: "Aooooo, Aooooo..." one of the distraught sailors, said to me: "One calls him also the curse bird Aori if the king becomes thinner and thinner and uglier, he changes into these ghastly creatures." "Does Aori hate the people then?" "He loves it if they are sad and find no more rest, happy laughter and other cheerfulness hates." The coxswain pointed to a black place on the water which became fast bigger. A mermaid appeared and in her hands a silver bowl with countless pearls." We know who is aboard, but she has properly acted. If she comes for for a while to us, the king Aori has no power about them, not about us. She will not die, she lives like a mermaid among us, my father sends the pearls. On the ship they should be brought, only with her help the ship with all people can be saved."

A woman in the sea living? I thought of the unhappy sea virgin of Hans-Christian-Andersen and asked: "How much time still remains to me, can one not calm him differently?" "Attempts it, but to you remains only one-hour time, then the ship in the next rock will smash." The storm became more violent, the mermaid had disappeared first of all again in the water. The king certainly liked me can be bound to a mast and sang a very sad song about the loss of my darling, nevertheless? My song had many stanzas and when I had ended, the storm was also away. I had used exactly 1 hour to calm the king, this time from the floods there rose a young man with a fishtail, in the hand just that mermaid which wanted to give away the pearls." You have made to us a very nice present to the wedding, fairy about all bad and good feelings. The pearls might never have belonged to a person, they would mean the end of all unwritten stories, the end of all imagination." Everybody stared aboard at me confused and I could explain just over and over again that I had had no notion.

"No miracle, because the king Aori owns the gift to give human thinking to the fairies and vice versa also, this puts out a large part of his power, never forgets this!"

I promised this and planned for something else: I never again wanted to turn the leaves through an old, quite measured catalogue about strange trips. Why did I also get the last free place on this ship?

So much I also thought, should find for all my questions and considerations I no answers, till the end of my days.

(sometimes another variation. Do not write with pleasure in I-form, look for me peculiar, however, can give absolutely the reader to which this accepts.)




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 06/10/2010.


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