Short Stories and Novels Fairy Tales (english)

Title Author:
1. Version of the fairy tale "bird Aori"Meike Schrut
2. Version of the fairy tale about the bird AoriMeike Schrut
A strange BirdKarl Wiener
A Surprise for the PrincessStephanie Kasper
An unsolved problemKarl Wiener
Autumn fairy talesMeike Schrut
Beachbox TallinnPierre Heinen
Between yesterday and tomorrowKarl Wiener
DAY ONE PEOPLE WHO BURIEDNabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano
December fairy talesMeike Schrut
FriendsKarl Wiener
God, me and a little BirdJerry Pullen
GoldfingerKarl Wiener
HospitalityKarl Wiener
How the Zebra got its stripesKarl Wiener
How the zebra got its stripesKarl Wiener
I LIVE IN THE UNCLEANNabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano
Kindness Is The Best RewardKitty Hamagochy
Le TamisNadège Ango-Obiang
Modern fairy tale of the good and the bad womenHarry Schloßmacher
Mother HolleKarl Wiener
MY ENCOUNTERS WITH THE GOBLINNabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano
Not a really quit silent nightKlaus-Peter Behrens
Of the devil's sonMeike Schrut
Of the devil`s son (2.)Meike Schrut
Princess GabrielLoveena Tayal
Rabbit on the looseDirk Schumacher
ROSITA´S EMPANADASNabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano
SEX IN TIMES OF MY GRANDMOTHERNabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano
The Angel and the GardenerRon Macris
The apple treeKarl Wiener
The bridgeKarl Wiener
The butterflyKarl Wiener
The chronometerKarl Wiener
The Fairies of Mount MorajoRebecca Harris
The frog and the nightingaleKarl Wiener
The frog's concertKarl Wiener
The gnat and the elephantKarl Wiener
The know-allKarl Wiener
The princeKarl Wiener
The prohibited footbridgeNadège Ango-Obiang
The puffed frogKarl Wiener
The salt in the soupKarl Wiener
The shadowsKarl Wiener
The smart foxKarl Wiener
The snowmanKarl Wiener
The victim of his own mischiefKarl Wiener
The wallflowerKarl Wiener
Three brothersKarl Wiener
THREE DAILY STORIESNabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano
UntitledRafael Nugent
Who will save Tricolour CountryAngie Pfeiffer