Rufus Murry Jr

Another Nations Siblings

         A man has been said that, he was giving the right to subdue the earth, should man ask himself for what reason should God give man this Power?  To subdue the earth.Is this atest of our Religion, our Faith, to be given this Job to be caretaker of this world?  To face the responsibilities of Judgeing,curing educating this world.  For God to have given man, certain men, or all men the right to Judge over others. with respect to his mankind and the rightness of a man of the faith, an belief in the Almightly.
         To be a chosen man of gods book of Knowledge for, how many purposes?  To have read this book of Knowledge , thento meditate on the knowledge of what has been experienced in those pages,in that time. To vision that time, that place, the circumstances, and trying to understand, the turbulance of that time.  For who or to what exstant that one man experince to show, his faith ,belief in another. 
           written By Mr.Rufus Murry Jr.
                            Murry5368 @ ATT . Net


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 11/23/2010.


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