Dorsey Baker

In Pursuit of Tranquility

Teddy's motto: seek and find
Teddy sought-found-and mastered human knowledge-he sought-found-and mastered the key to worldly pleasures.
He sought-found- and mastered the key to charming beautiful women all around the world!
But the more knowledge he found and mastered-the more he sought!
The more beautiful women he found and charmed, the more he sought!

He then sought and found more fortune than he could ever spend in an entire lifetime, still he sought more!
He sought fame and found more fame than any human being that had ever lived, still he sought more!

And Teddy had not pursued drama; but he found more drama in
human nature and less poetry when he examined his existence!

Although Teddy had found and mastered many things without and within himself,
he had not yet found and mastered tranquility!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Dorsey Baker.
Published on on 01/31/2012.


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