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Christian Author Says God Always Has Her Back


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An accomplished author, Gail’s way with words had opened doors for many speaking opportunities.
While Gail contracted for many of those speaking gigs primarily for the honorariums, for some engagements she donated a hefty percentage of those fees to numerous non-profit organizations. Gail wrote two or three new books each year. She accepted about 100 speaking engagements annually.
Gail was so successful that a group of Christian investors helped her start her own cable network, Popular Gail Author TV. The network turned out to be even more popular than Gail’s books and speaking engagements. Within one year, more than one million people had subscribed to the network.
Gail was quick to recognize God’s favor upon her endeavors. “Thank you, Father, for your abundance of outpoured blessings,” she whispered.
Several of the ministers whose programs aired on the network chose not to renew their annual contracts, stating they had decided to pursue other avenues of broadcast ministry. Gail refused to be upset about the situation. “God’s got my back, and He’s in control,” she told Greg, her husband.
“He always does,” Greg smiled. “He always does.”
Gail and Greg began seeking the Lord fervently for His direction for the network. Following two weeks of prayer and fasting, an angel of the Lord appeared in dreams to both Greg and Gail, who wasted no time in implementing God’s plan.
The couple began working diligently to fill the network’s empty time slots. They contacted pastors of Bible believing churches with no previous broadcast media ministry experience. The network offered the pastors a free one-hour block of air time each week.
The network’s sales manager, Geoff, was livid about the network’s new direction. “You’re going to go broke,” Geoff warned Gail.
Gail echoed in Geoff’s ears the statement she had previously told her husband, “God’s got my back, and He’s in control.”
Within a few days, the investors who had helped her start the network gave enough money to her to start a sister network. After another season of prayer and fasting, God’s angel again appeared to Greg and Gail, with guidance about how to proceed with the second network.
Once again, Gail and Greg followed God’s leadership and contacted pastors about broadcast time. These pastors paid 25 percent of the amount paid by the initial group of pastors on the first network.
One day, while attending to her network responsibilities, Gail sensed the presence of God’s angel, but she could not see him. She addressed the angel with a determined voice, “I told both my husband and my sales manager that God has my back, and He’s in control.”
“I know,” the angel replied. “I heard you tell them.”
“Well, I just realized something important,” Gail chuckled. “He’s got my front and sides, too!”
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Greg Miller.
Published on on 09/30/2012.


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