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Caboose knows his train job06/21/2010 Humour
A different kind of Fatherīs Day05/17/2010 General
Adam and Eve converse with unborn Cain04/24/2011 Humour
Adam names the animals in the Garden of Eden01/30/2011 Humour
Animals in a Forest Deal with Problems with Human Community04/09/2013 Humour
Ants Witness Jesus' Resurrection04/03/2012 Humour
Ark building a daunting task10/16/2011 Humour
Bears are hyped up over honey10/25/2011 Humour
Bears Dream About and Discuss Violence in the Human Family09/05/2013 Humour
Best Friends Volunteer at Nursing Home08/05/2012 Humour
Bible memorization contest draws unenthusiastic response06/09/2010 Humour
Boy can't get enough of Christmas story12/06/2010 Humour
Boy Dreams About Being Two of Jesus' Disciples09/24/2012 Humour
Boy encounters adventure at international zoo06/29/2011 Humour
Boy Wants to Help Teach Sunday School Class01/12/2013 Humour
Celebrate freedom on Independence Day06/28/2010 Humour
Celebrating chocolate on Valentine's Day01/18/2011 Humour
Children's Sunday School Class Bakes Valentine's Day Cake02/17/2013 Humour
Christian Author Says God Always Has Her Back09/30/2012 Humour
christian Meteorologists Gather for Special Retreat05/28/2013 Humour
Christian Newspaper Helps Pastor Celebrate Birthday Milestone07/08/2013 Humour
Church gets a new member08/30/2010 Humour
Church Mouse and Congregation All Love Cheese08/27/2013 Humour
Church's members share singing abilities09/25/2011 Humour
Circus elephant prays for wings05/30/2011 Humour
Community asked to share feelings about the Bible09/04/2011 Humour
Community Responds to Unusual Cornfield08/06/2013 Humour
Couple Begins Bible Reading Adventure01/20/2013 Humour
Couple prays for a son07/21/2010 Humour
Couple Serves as Church Custodians06/23/2013 Humour
Couple Thrilled About the Upcoming Birth of Their First Child06/11/2013 Humour
Daughter gets dad new study Bible for Father's Day05/09/2011 Humour
David depends on the Lord02/28/2011 Humour
Doctor writes unusual prescriptions08/15/2010 Humour
Don't forget to tell God Happy Father's Day05/23/2011 Humour
False Prophets Discuss Their Accuracy Rates10/07/2012 Humour
Family celebratesdifferent kind of Christmas12/20/2010 Humour
Family discusses location of Christmas vacation11/15/2010 Humour
Family ministers through Christmas fundraising efforts11/22/2010 Humour
Family Plans Annual Picnic04/23/2013 Humour
Fish team up for recording project03/27/2011 Humour
Forest Residents Tackle Problem With Nearby Human Community04/02/2013 Humour
Four-year-old asks for sibling09/27/2010 Humour
Full-time surgeon begins part-time veterinary gig10/11/2010 Humour
Garden of Eden Teems With Animals09/20/2013 Humour
God calls young man to mission work07/18/2011 Humour
God Double Blesses Job06/24/2012 Humour
God gets Jonah's attention03/14/2011 Humour
God is Always Faithful11/29/2010 Humour
God Kicks Lucifer Out of Heaven07/23/2012 Humour
Grandfather, Grandson Make Big Plans07/06/2012 Humour
Grizzly Bear Hankers for Robin's Food04/01/2012 Humour
High School Freshman Discusses Plans for Future With His Dad07/01/2013 Humour
Holidays plan annual reunion12/13/2010 Humour
Husband and His Wife Take Special Care in Naming Children10/23/2013 Humour
Husband surprises wife with special Mother's Day gift05/01/2011 Humour
It's never too early to pray02/07/2011 Humour
Jacob Makes Coat of Many Colors for Joseph07/21/2012 Humour
Jesus' resurrection: A perfect solution for all evil04/18/2011 Humour
Kid Wants to Become World's Best Dad04/23/2012 Humour
Kids accompany Santa on Christmas Eve trip12/27/2011 Humour
Land of Rocks and Stones Holds Election10/27/2012 Humour
Make use of your trunk before buying a suitcase05/27/2010 Humour
Man embarks around the world walk for charity07/16/2011 Humour
Man Loses Valuable Coin03/18/2013 Humour
Man pursues career as shepherd10/18/2010 Humour
Marital bliss ends for Adam and Eve08/21/2011 Historical
Math Teacher drives students to excellence01/02/2011 General
Media Ministries Join Forces to Start New TV Outreach10/11/2013 Humour
Members of Christ's Church should use their talents01/24/2011 Humour
Milk is Important Physical and Spiritual Food08/31/2012 Humour
Moms and Dads Get No Time Off for Vacations and Holidays05/22/2013 Humour
Monetary units praise the Lord02/13/2011 Humour
Monkey Puppet Man Participates in VBS Programs07/15/2013 Humour
Months debate their importance08/08/2010 Humour
Mouse wants to become church mouse09/15/2010 Humour
New airline promotes Christian ministry07/05/2010 Humour
New Year's Cruise Begins Couple's Missionary Career12/30/2012 Humour
Pastor and congregation thankful for blessings11/07/2010 Humour
Pastor befriends church mouse03/20/2011 Humour
Pastor Judges Beaches' Beauty Contest10/15/2012 Humour
Pastors discuss global warming07/27/2010 Humour
Pastor's Final Meeting with Deacons Takes the Cake08/09/2012 Humour
Pastor's mom starts breadmaking class10/25/2010 Humour
Pastor-Teacher conducts seminar on the Last Days07/11/2010 Humour
Prayer important tool in growing gigantic pumpkins10/02/2011 Humour
Reactions to Life Experiences Show Our Level of Joy08/07/2013 Humour
Reporter, interviewee decide to open Christmas-themed busines12/18/2011 Humour
Robin family discusses baby bird's future02/21/2011 Humour
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus Dream About Visiting Baby Jesus12/15/2012 Humour
Santa invites Father Time to special party12/27/2010 Humour
Satan acknowedges God as super terrorist09/18/2011 Humour
Seasonal Changes for Blades of Grass09/23/2013 Humour
Second grader listens closely to story of David and Goliath05/31/2010 Humour
Second-graders tackle career choices07/29/2010 General
Sometimes our sins affect others06/06/2011 General
Spiders witness Jesus' resurrection04/04/2011 Humour
Spring is in the air03/07/2011 Humour
Tame Horse Teaches Unbroken Horse the Ropes06/03/2013 Humour
Ten accepts role of God in Labor Day production08/04/2011 Humour
10-year-old boy dreams about being crucified04/11/2011 Humour
The Bi ble: A Book of Truth07/30/2013 Humour
There Are No Fairy Tales in God's Word10/31/2013 Humour
Traveling evangelist and wife love to drive08/28/2011 Humour
Triplets Open Amusement Park06/28/2012 Humour
Veterans Participate in July 4th Celebration07/01/2012 Humour
Walk ends with unusual observation10/04/2010 Humour
Woman is Anticipating Thanksgiving Day Baby Next November11/10/2012 Humour
Writer Decides to Pen New Bible06/16/2013 Humour
Young boy says grandfathers are miracles11/01/2010 Humour
Young Girl Asks Her Mother, 'Why is God Good?'02/10/2013 Humour
Young man discovers the right reasons to attend church10/08/2011 Humour
Young Man Wants to Join a Women's Bible Study03/17/2013 Humour
Youngster enjoys almost everything about church06/21/2011 Humour
Zero is very important number06/18/2010 Humour

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