Erika Seetzen-Woods

Meeting with Concorde and my friend

Magnificent machine in the sky,
Pride of modern technology,
Wonder of Aviation with over 30 years service,
Bridge over distances making the world smaller!
Will we really lose Concorde flying into history?

This sleek, national icon landed,
Elegantly, almost humbly dipping the nose.
Soon my friend stood before me,
First time on my soil
And I felt an immense joy
Seeing him in person.

This man on my wavelength-
I missed him all those years!
Complete harmony between us
And his truly longed-for visit
Momentarily erased the sadness
Of having waited for him so long.

Silver bird brought him to me and took him away.
Dividing glass partition at the airport
Split us again into two worlds.
The moment of separation came too quickly.
With the roar of Concorde tingling in my body
I whispered `Goodbye`, choking on my tears.

Erika Seetzen-Woods 2003


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Erika Seetzen-Woods.
Published on on 04/29/2004.


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