Thomas Dreischhoff

Game Over

Game Over


If life was a game

Then I have now lost it

Didn’t collect any fame

Didn’t enjoy the last bit


The first levels I barely remember

There was lots of help and I learned fast

Everything was soft, everything tender

Sadly the first levels were not meant to last


The levels got harder, I had to make choices

I started my journey, developed my style

There were so many options, so many voices

Failures and successes, but it felt good all the while


Reached some peaks in my game but also fell hard

Changed teammates and partners as I went further on

Then a big turning point, had to make a new start

Still kept playing on but the fun was now gone


My role in the game changed, I became a tutor

Young players I now needed to guide through the game

There was much more to lose, much more to fight for

If they failed in the game, then I was to blame


But I did alright, the new players turned good

And all their successes I watched them with pride

They learned the ropes, felt well under my hood

And for them the horizon was beautiful and wide


But so is the game, could not always be close by

One’s last level came and I was not there

Hadn’t taught him more caution, I wonder why

Now his game is over and he’s in another sphere


Didn’t want to play on, wanted to end my game too

Nothing more to be gained, nothing more to be won

But life is no game and I have to continue

They still need me here, must be there for my other son


If life was a game, I would now simply exit

Game over would be the last sign on my screen

But life is much harder, you cannot simply leave it

So I keep fighting on, the end remains to be seen

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Thomas Dreischhoff.
Published on on 11/20/2022.


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