Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... of ineffable ages and dimensions we came, from the instruction and sowing of love,
to institute pure and living gold,
we came from there;
the keeper of distances, the healer of wounds and the maker of sounds, preceded us;
cross galaxies, planets and quasars, or dark matter,
it consists of piercing and stoking spirit, igniting its intimate rocks and informing the world with light;
We were, then, a legion of fire and our drums, next to the water that lives,
they resounded and glowed through our burning hearts;
… upon reaching Vecilla de la Polvorosa, at its great Universal Plaza,
- still, and at that time -
the eye of the afternoon was a quantum and most beautiful almond blossom shining among the snow;
we said goodbye, and, after seeing them leave, in my house of stone, straw and mud, on the lute of the soul, I sobbed:
It would take many, many eons to meet again and instruct again with golden seeds,
and this, just, when here, Pisces, it passed and passes offering only pain, pain and suffering;
… meanwhile, the Heralds of Aquarius have opened their doors to me:
we are building the immortal light of the soul and the exalted emotion of the rose garden.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 01/02/2023.


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